Black plaid dress

October 26, 2016

I have been busy.  I know everyone says that at some point, but I really have been busy.   I just returned from another 4 days in Florida and emptying my bags only to repack them for a trip to Chicago next weekend.  My busiest time at work is coming to a close this week and I cannot wait to have it behind me.  I feel like I have just stopped everything thing to get through this month.  November is looking calm to me!  I left Florida in a sundress and returned to weather that requires a bit more of a fall feel.  I wore this dress before I left for Florida and it is such a perfect fall dress.  I love the pockets on the front and the drawstring waist. One of my favorite local boutiques Tulip on the Country Club Plaza has new shipments of fall dresses and sweaters arriving weekly.  This dress caught my eye last time I was in there and I love how versatile it is going to be this season.   I paired it with my booties but it would be very cute with flats and even tall boots.  You could add a pop of color with a scarf, a cardigan, or even with your jewelry.  Have fun with your otherwise basic black and whites this season.   Thanks for hanging in here with me, I promise regular posting is coming back as well as some great fall outfits! 

This little guy is making a cameo appearance in his own coordinating color combo outfit with his Mimi! 

Dress c/o  //  Clare V Sandrine  //  Madewell Booties  //  Sunnies  //  Necklace c/o  //  Earrings  //  Lipstick  //  Bracelets

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Easy Fall Transitioning

October 18, 2016
This outfit is perfect to transition into fall with a neutral palette.  With my top being lighter in weight but long sleeves I can wear it day to evening.  I love adding an element of texture to silks and my Ashley Pittman chain link necklace does just that.  I last wore it with my blue sundress in Florida and again, it was a show stopper with a clean solid palette against my solid color dress. The fun thing with transitioning during seasons is you get the best of both worlds.  Mixing denim with sandals, and jackets with shorts it feels like a whole new wardrobe almost!  

I have been a little mia and promise to get back to regularly scheduled post as as soon as this month is behind me.  It is the busiest time of the year and between work, traveling, and a few exciting things behind the scenes I have a super full plate.  Hang with me, I promise you won't want to miss what I am woking on. 

Silk blouse Similar   //  Denim  //  Sandals similar  //  Ashley Pittman necklace c/o  //  Gigi NY cross body c/o  //  Ashley Pittman Earrings c/o  // 

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The Perfect Bow

October 05, 2016

One of the greatest joys to instagram is meeting new friends, finding inspiration and discovering new brands.  I was lucky on this particular day that I stumbled upon Asneh Cashmere.  A gorgeous line of cashmere and silk wears, I fell instantly in love with their designs; loved the ombre pink and red sweater.  It was available in a dress too.  I did what I always do when I find a new brand and researched them.  Okay, so some would call it stalking... but whatever you refer to it, its critical learning.  Asneh Cashmere is a Danish luxury fashion brand that focuses on gorgeous knits of silk and cashmere.  They design and make gorgeous  sweaters, dresses, and scarfs to name a few.  If you could feel how soft this sweater is you would better understand why I love it so much.  The fuchsia bow is a statement for sure. 

 When Asneh Cashmere sent me this sweater I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about the bow and if it would be too much for a larger chest.  I was pleasantly surprised how great it looks.  The hem line is a bit shorter and I think that helps with my particular frame size to not add unnecessary bulk to my outfit.  This sweater is the perfect weigh to layer with a blazer or add a little edge to it and pair it with your jean jacket.  I love so many items in their fall line and you definitely should check it all out.  Up next for this sweater I will be sharing how to dress it down with denim! Stay tuned!

Cashmere sweater c/o  //  Tweed Skirt options here and here  //  Leopard Heels  // Sunnies  //  Cross body c/o  //  Earrings  //  Lipstick  //  Bangles c/o 

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How to Wear Pastels in Fall

October 04, 2016

Happy Tuesday friends!  I have a super busy weekend filled with events, appointments, and a few DIY projects I am tackling around my house.  I have been on a sanding and refinishing kick of a few items and I am so sore from it.  My shoulders are getting a workout for sure.  I just finished up refinishing my kitchen table and now I am in the process of stripping my Duncan Phyfe buffet and have a pretty good idea as to how I want it to look refinished.  If you want to see how this project is going be sure to follow me on snapchat (lisa.murie) for all the behind the scenes on my DIY projects.  I will be sharing them once I am completely done with a final reveal, but that may be a while!! 

All this talk about projects is what leads me to todays outfit.  It's not a new combination, but it sure is a great fall transitional outfit.  Bringing the best of summer with the blush pink and a gorgeous fall color with this army green it makes a perfect outfit.  Taking two items I owned and giving them new life with a fresh twist.  Kinda like the buffet project (I hope) !  I do think it's time to pack away my Mezzi pink bag for fall, but I had to give it one more spin before I did. 

Style Tip:  Mix your pastels in your outfits with a jewel tone color.  You can add a scarf, dark denim like I have here, or even add a richer color in your handbag and jewelry. Have fun with it! 

Moto Jacket Similar here and here  //  Tee  //  Green Denim  //  Wedges Love these  //  Ashley Pittman Necklace c/o  Ashley Pittman Pendant c/o //  Ashley Pittman Earrings c/o //  Bead Bracelets (Mine) options here  // 
Mezzi Bag  // 

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