Sisco Berluti

April 30, 2015
Show your Mom how much you care for her this year and stack her arm with love!  These are just a few of my favorite Sisco Berluti stacks.  Right now everything is 30% off with code MOM30 excluding clearance.  You read that right... 30% off.  So what are you waiting for?    I have a stack I have shared here, here, and here....but could always use more! I love wearing them all together and sometimes I only add one or two to my arm with a bangle or cuff.    What stack is your favorite? 

Who Am I kidding.... I want every one of these stacks!!!!! 

Save the Date with Trapp & Company

April 29, 2015
I am thrilled to share with you Trapp and Company's Spring Into Summer event and you are all invited. I wanted to share the date with you so you can mark it on your calendars to attend.  Did someone mention mimosas' and Macarons?  I think so!  You won't want to miss this event!  There will be a different feature every day and below I share all the details.   I will be there on Saturday and  I hope to see you all at this wonderful event.   Click here to view and shop their online catalog with complimentary shipping thru May 6th.   I will also be sharing a discount code with you to shop with in person or online!  Look for that in a follow up post soon!

Thursday, May 7
We’re kicking off “Spring into Summer” event today with a focus on Women’s fashion.  Come by in the morning and enjoy complimentary mimosas, macarons from Clock Tower Bakery and mini scones, served with Stonewall Kitchens Bellini jam and Trapp Harvest Blueberry Blaze jam.
In the afternoon, you can enjoy complimentary prosecco while you shop the newest arrivals in comfy, warm weather fashions in all the best colors of the season.  Try on flats from Oka-B or sandals from Charleston Shoe Co.  Browse our fantastic selection of handbags from Hobo Handbags, Trina Turk and more trendy brands. 

Friday, May 8
Day 2 of our “Spring into Summer” event focuses on outdoor entertaining and grilling.  Josh Pettit, from Big Green Egg, will be out front grilling some delectable samples, including the always-popular cedar plank salmon.  He’ll be answering questions about The Big Green Egg while giving a demo on how to prepare pizza on the grill.
Ladies, while the guys are entertained with the grilling outside, you’ll be free to shop all the new arrivals inside.  Don’t miss the fun and practical melamine table top, perfect for your next poolside party or entertaining at the lake.

Friday, Debbie Cansler from Trapp Interiors, will be in the showroom to answer your questions about interior design.  Have a question you want a professional point of view on?  Drop in for a casual “Ask a Designer” any time between 11 am- 2pm that afternoon

Saturday, May 9
Come Saturday morning, we’ll be focusing on everything new in home décor, furniture and accessories.  You won’t want to miss our newest line of French linens from Garnier-Thiebaut.  With roots dating back to 1833 in France, Garnier-Thiebaut has become known as the designer and manufacturer of the highest quality table linens and accessories for the finest homes around the world. 

Sunday, May 10
Happy Mother’s Day!  If you’re going to be with your mom, consider bringing her to the store at 4110 Main St.   We’ll have everything you need to pamper her, from our wide selection of Trapp Fragrance candles, room sprays and diffusers, to the newest line from Thmyes, “ Goldleaf Gardenia.”  All day Sunday, guests will receive a free 0.42 oz. bottle of Goldleaf Gardenia Parfum with any Thymes Purchase.

Paisley Pinks and Green

April 28, 2015
Today I am sharing the second installment of how to wear a statement necklace.  You can see my first outfit here.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Ngan creates gorgeous one of a kind pieces in her studio.  Today I paired it with jeans and colorful top with my converse to dress it down a bit.  This is what I wore day 2 of Go Blog Social.  I have attended enough seminars and events to know to always wear layers.  I am really trying to incorporate more middle of the road outfits rather than define casual, business dressy, or down right comfy! 

 I don't think I mentioned in my previous post on Investment pieces for you wardrobe (you can read that post herethat a jean jacket is an investment piece or in my How to Build a Wardrobe post (you can read it here). This is my second jacket and mine is from Gap.  You will get miles of wear and use out of a jean jacket, even if you can't wear denim to your office like me! (Insert angry face) I suggest you try several styles on.  Ranging in a variety of colors, lengths, and my favorite some adding stretch (Insert happy face) will need to think about what you will be wearing under it as well.  You don't want to put your jacket on over a sweater and look down to see not only do you have Hulk arms, but also you can't bend them!

Michele Watch ~ Ralph Lauren Top ( similar) ~ Jeans ~ Converse ~ Gap Jean Jacket ~ Rayban Sunnies ~ Enve Designs Necklace c/o ~  Rustic Cuff Bracelets ~

Pashmina Perfection

April 27, 2015
Here we are back at Monday again.  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  I hope you got to enjoy some time outside.   I spent most of my time inside unfortunately/ or fortunately... I guess it depends on how you look at it!  I did some major deep cleaning out of my closet.  We are having new carpet installed in the entire upstairs so I need to clean out the floor of my closet, and the lower clothing racks so the installers will be able to get in there.  I would rather let them move all the big furniture and I will move my closet!  One thing lead to another and next thing I knew I had a pile of discards on my bed.  The other great thing with cleaning out your closet, you find things you forgot you had in there!! This outfit was not lost in my closet though. My favorite leggings, TB sandals, and jean jacket are pretty much staples for me. 

This scarf from Pashmina Perfection is just that.... perfect!  I love how bold and bright it is, and look how it takes an ordinary black and white outfit to a colorful outfit!  There's my pop of pink and a splash of leopard.  Add this scarf to your little black dress, or even better.... a crisp white dress for summer and you have elevated your outfit to the next level!  How would you wear this scarf?  A pair of white jeans?  Or maybe a chambray shirt dress?  Share your ideas in the comments! 

Pashmina Perfection Scarf c/o ~ Gap Jean Jacket ~ Gap Tee ~ Tory Burch Sandals ~ BR leggings ~ Michele Watch ~ Sunnies ~ YSL Lips ~ Tassel Bracelets ~ Clutch 

Mothers Day Gift Guide

April 23, 2015
With Mother's Day a little over two weeks away now is the time you should be thinking about how to honor all she really does for you.  If you are fortunate enough to have a mom like mine.... she would do anything for you.  She is the perfect example to show me and my sisters how to not only take care of yourself... but take care of your family as well.  When my boys were little I taught them the importance of showing appreciation to those you love and who help you in life.  One day they will be parents and all those life lessons they learned they would be grateful for.   I am proud of my boys and where they are headed.  Sure, there have been a few bumps along the way, but being their mother is the greatest joy ever.  So, treat your Mom, your Step-mom, Grandmother, or whoever is your female role model and let her know how much she means to you. 
 word ~ to ~ ya ~ mutha!! 

1 / Boden embroidered clutch   2 / VS Lace up tunic   3 / Pom Pom scarf   4 / Trina Turk dress  5 /  Old Navy Scarf  6 / Alex and Ani bangles  7 / Stila palette   8 / Trapp and Co. Flowers   9 / Twistband  10 / Marbleized planters  11 /  Blair Ritchey mini PAK    12 / Gap Sandals   13 / Brahmin  14 / Bracelet stack   15 / Ella Urchin pillow   16 / Pink/Orange pillow   17 / Pinch Provisions

My Weekend

April 20, 2015

Hi guys. My weekend was both a little productive and relaxing.   Saturday I had my hair appointment that I almost forgot about.  It is officially spring time so I brightened up my blond and love it.  It rained pretty much all of Saturday which sucks for that being my hair day because of all the added humidity, but It stayed pretty straight believe it or not.  Did a few errands, ended up at Nordstrom (crazy how that happens).  My parents were visiting in town and we took my mom out for dinner to celebrate her birthday from earlier in the week. 

Sunday morning rolled around and while waiting for my coffee I scrolled thru my instagram to see all the "crazy" "selfish" "mad" people rushing the Lilly for Target release.  Oh my gosh! If I ever had a inkling of fomo (fear of missing out)..... it was gone before I ever knew it was there.  There was nothing about that mess that I wanted to partake in.  Now... would I like a pretty pink and green shift dress? Sure!  Do I want to fight someone else for it? No!  I think Target could have handled the release a bit more organized, and even spread it out thru the course of the day with limited amounts released so it could allow more people to actually purchase it for themselves rather than those who turn around and eBay it for the highest amount.  Just my take... that's all! 

I face timed with my youngest grandson who insisted he comes to Mimi's house to play!  Haha.  We did purchase a few new plants and rose bushes for the yard, but with all the rain the ground was too soggy to work in the yard and plant anything.  I also picked up a few peony bushes.  I hope they flourish!  I straightened up around the house preparing for a few new installs we have planned that I will share a little later on with you.  So..... summing it up, my weekend was pretty darn good.  How was your weekend?

Polka dot portofino

April 16, 2015
It's that time of the year for finicky weather.  A couple of beautiful sunny days only to be followed by a week of dreary gray days.  This day was clearly a sunny beautiful day.  What made it even better was a few new favorites in my wardrobe.  I don't even know where to start so I am going to start at the top and make my way down the outfit.  

These earrings..... oh these earrings.  Nickel and Suede is not only a local company, but Kilee is a sweet friend and blogger!  Nickel and Suede was created and is totally handmade right here in KC.  Kilee and her husband run their business out of their home and her earring line has exploded as the best earrings and they recently added slit leather cuffs to her line.  Ranging in colors from these gold diggers, to her most recent release watermelon there is not only a color for ever one... but a size as well.  Available in three sizes (mine are mediums) you can choose from solid tear drops or cut outs.  Ready for the best thing about them?  they are 100% leather.  You know what that means... lightweight, basically not even there!  The best feature for an earring with size and impact but not the drag you down feeling. 

My new cuff from Rustic Cuff is perfect for summer.  A white leather cuff with a hot pink thread initial... I am loving how fun this will be all summer.  

Have you noticed my shoes?  these tassel loafers are so fun they are sold out everywhere.  I am so glad I bought a pair before they sold out.  Love them!!  A flat mule, with tassels, and beads = fabulous!!  So what's new in your wardrobe?  

Top ~ Leggings ~ Necklace ~ Earrings c/o ~ Watch ~ Leather Cuff ~ Rope Bracelet ~ Sunnies ~ Lips ~ Shoes ( sold out, similar here on sale 25% off with SHOPNOW) ~

Shop this post below. 

Neon Tassels

April 15, 2015
I am breaking all the "rules" with white before Memorial day.  Honestly I don't think its as much of a rule any more do you?  What are you thoughts on the white rule?   What ever you wear.... if you wear it with confidence you will be fine!  Happy Wednesday!  





Sandals (On Sale 25% off with code SHOPNOW) ~ Bag ~ Leather wrap bracelet ~ Tassel bead bracelets ~ Watch ~ Sweater (Similar top) ~ Scarf (Neon zigzags)~ Pants ~ Hat ~ Sunnies

Removing Candle Wax

April 14, 2015


I enjoy having fresh flowers around my home weekly.  I pick up a couple of bunches from Sams generally and divide them up usually between two or three vases.  I have had great luck with them lasting two weeks before I change them out.  There are a few places a large vase or jar is just too big.  I also love candles in my home and the Capri Blue candles from Anthropologie not only smell good... the jars are so pretty.  I decided to clean one of the jars out of the hardened wax to repurpose the jars.  Flowers + repurposed pretty jars = Perfect!!!  I am going to share with you the easiest way I found to clean the hardened wax out of the jars so you have a clean container.  Its only a few easy steps and a couple of pointers of what NOT to do.


Boil enough water to fill your container.  Using hot pads, pour the boiling water carefully into your jar in a safe location on your counter.   Allow the jar to sit for a few hours,   even better... overnight.  When you come back the wax will have cooled and solidified at the top of the water.  The water allows the wax to soften and as the temperature cools the wax begins to harden and float.  If you have a larger piece of remaining wax in your jar, simply cut it in two with a butter knife and remove the pieces. I recommend not removing the wax from the water before it has completely cooled for risk of burning your hands.  After you remove the wax do not pour the water down your drain.  Here is why...    There may be remaining wax in the water and you won't want that clinging in your sink or down your drain. Dispose of the water in your yard.  As far as the wick glued to the bottom of the jar, I have been successful in prying it up, but it may take a little bit of force.  If you have a colored jar like my red one below, to remove the label do not scratch the glass with anything sharp or the color will scratch off.  


Add flowers, makeup brushes, candy, sea shell.... whatever you like and enjoy.

Beach Days

April 13, 2015
Happy Monday!  With summer around the corner it's time to get your pool game up to speed.  Weather you're headed to the beach, or your neighborhood pool this roundup will get you there in style.  If you see me at the pool this summer.... don't be surprised if you see this entire roundup on me!! 

Triangl Swimsuit    Coverup    Mar Y Sol Tote   Sunglasses   Hat   Necklace   Sandals

Shop this post below. 

Weekend Fun

April 06, 2015
Happy Monday.  How was your Easter?  Did you spend time with your family?  I attended Go Blog Social all day Saturday with some fabulous speakers and a room full of bloggers there to be inspired. This year the event was held downtown at The Berg.  A beautiful venue with gorgeous floral arrangements courtesy of Trapp and Company.  I was ready for networking and note taking.  

 When you spend your day being inspired and listening to like minded people share their stories AND you get to do it with your friends, It's always a bonus! 

And what would a day with friends be without at least one mirror selfie? We had a lot of laughs that's for sure!! 

It was an exhaustingly long day, but so worth it.  Have you attended a blogger conference?  If you did, What was your biggest take away?  This was not my first conference and I would be interested in attending ALT conference.  I have heard mixed reviews about this one.  If you have attended share what you liked or disliked with ALT.  I would love to hear everyones take on it before I travel to Utah! 

Summer Sandals

April 01, 2015
It is April 1st, and this is no joke!  I think I can say with great confidence it's officially time to break out the sandals.  I rounded up a few favorites..... okay I really want all of these.  


Via Spiga     Jeffrey Campbell      Melpomeni Toe Ring    Tory Burch    Prada  Seychelles Tassel Sandal ( on sale with code SPRINGSTYLE)    

Shop this post below. 

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