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February 19, 2018

Happy Monday lovelies!!  It is a great day!  I am so excited to be sharing with you not only my idea of what I think it means to be fierce in midlife, but the ideas of a few thousand other ladies as well! Yes, you read that correctly.  Today is Forever Fierce Day and I have collaborated with 50 other bloggers; who just happen to be fierce sisters!  We all have asked a few friends, neighbors, and even family members to share what they think.  Read all of their stories here #Foreverfierce.  Is midlife the wrong side of 40?  I don't think so, actually I know it's not!  So I am asking you today too... what does being fierce in midlife mean to you? 

Below are the things I have discovered in midlife:

I let go of the drama that people surround themselves with.  I embrace the changes in my body and still rock a bikini.  Gravity is inevitable, but self esteem and pride in your life is priceless. 

Skincare has always been important to me and I continue to take good care of my skin.  Adapting to the changes has just meant adding a few new items! 

Wisdom is grand; with age comes the knowledge that it is sometimes better to observe rather than speak.  Changing my diet has been a huge benefit!  I eat more fruits and vegetables and have cut out processed food.  About 6 years ago I switched up totally and became mostly vegetarian. (With the exception of sushi of course).  So technically it's called pescaterian.  

Happiness is something that you are; a state of mind.  I have been called brave for my journey and I'll take that with my head high!  I was brave, still am actually.  If you read my post, Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone then you will see that I may have been down, but I am now back up and empowered!  My passion burns brighter than my fear and I am full of drive and motivation and I won't get in my own way.  Change is always on the horizon and I choose to grow with it.  I will reach again for what is in me.  I will fiercely forge a new path and set out on it - boldly, while making no excuses.  

So, tell me...what does fierce in midlife mean to you?  Click here to join the movement! 

Favorite Green Pants

February 15, 2018
And the week just keeps flying by.  I almost started this post with a Happy Wednesday.... ummm no, it's Thursday!

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day! I have noticed a hint of spring in store windows with fun pastels and that makes me very happy.  Although, I know there will be about another month of transitioning; that means making the most of the items you have in your closet.  I have really had fun reworking these green pants with so many different tops and sweater.  If you don't have a pair of army green pants, I would definitely recommend you look for a great pair.  These are from Loft, but  I know Gap has some great slim fit pant too.  Speaking of Loft, Ann Taylor has always been a favorite place for me to find great work wear pieces and the only store left open here has closed.  I still like to shop in stores rather than always online; another store bites the dust in a world of online shopping.  What are some of your favorite stores? Leave me a comment. 

Pants  //  Sweater similar one  //  Necklace  //  Sunnies  //  Shoes  // Bracelets c/o //  Earrings c/o //  Bag LV

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Embroidery Trends

February 12, 2018

One of my favorite things to living in Florida was by far the dress code.  I am all about the warmer months and loved the ease of throwing on a sundress, or a cute off the shoulder top.  I cannot wait for spring and summer because this gal is suffocating in layers of winter.  We have had a few spotty days of nice temperatures, thank heavens! 

 Embroidery has been showing up on several fashion items from jeans to tops this season, and this cute off the shoulder top has soft pastel flowers embroidered down the sleeves. The little ruffle at the cuffs is a fun little flare too!  When I first bought this top I imagined it with white jeans and a colorful pump.  I like the versatility to an item; dress up with a heel, or more casual as I share here with a flat leopard mule.  Hang tight.... I will style this top with white jeans and colorful pumps and share it with you!

Similar top here and I love this one and this one //  Jeans  //  Shoes  love these and these  //  LV Bag  //  Bracelets  // Earrings c/o  //  Sunnies

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Buffalo check and leopard

February 07, 2018
We are half way through the week and I am busy working on my to do list for the weekend! Do you do that too?  Working thought the week with a list a mile long of things to do over the weekend, only to find there aren't enough hours in those priceless two days to accomplish it all.  It's good to have projects and with a new house I have plenty! 

An all time favorite for me, pattern mixing at its finest!  Who doesn't  love a great check and leopard?  This girl sure does!  Throw in a bell sleeve and this is for sure a favorite combo of mine!  There are girls that love stripes and then there are girls that love ginghams.... I fall in the middle and love them both!  

I have been working on my goals for the year and I am putting plenty of thought into them.  I have realized that you can put a bunch of ideas and dreams on a piece of paper, but without a plan as to how you expect to obtain those goals they are just words.  I want more this year!  More time for me, more travel... more laughter with friends.... and most importantly more thought into my journey.  You see, the last year and moving to Florida, while I thought it broke me, has only made me see just what I am made of.  I am fierce, brave, strong, and determined.  I will continue to seek my toes in the sand, but this time more on my terms and my time.  When the time is right.... my heart will know this time. 

You are stronger.   You are wiser.  Even when it's hard to believe, allow yourself to show up  allow yourself to breathe in all the chaos allow yourself to be here for no matter what happens this is still not last year.  
Morgan Harper Nichols 

Shoes  //  Bracelets c/o  //  Similar top  here and here  //  Jeans love these  //  Sweater similar here  // LV bag  //   Earrings c/o //  Bracelets c/o  //  Lipstick  

Nautical stripes

February 06, 2018
Happy Tuesday!! Today I am sharing one of the easiest combos I think that you can put together.  It's hard to not think nautical when mixing up navy stripes.    

Such an easy look to pull together.  These army green pants will be a great staple to transition into spring with; and the sweater is sleeveless making it a perfect transition item too.  Is it just me... or does it seem like winter is dragging on right now?  I am desperately in need of more sunny days and less gray days.  While living in Florida, I added so many summery items to my closet.  Now, I just need the seasons to hurry up and change so I can enjoy all my sundresses.  Come on spring... where are ya?  

I have been slowly adding items to my wardrobe.  When I purged my closet last year, and moved to what I would consider more of a "mono" climate... I mean let's be honest,  Florida pretty much has one season.   I panicked a little at what seemed like an empty, I have nothing to wear mentality when I look for something to wear everyday.  How could I get so lucky (insert sarcasm here) to be working for yet again a healthcare organization with a no denim rule.  To make matters worse for me, they have a stricter sandal policy.  Boy am I going to have to go shopping!  That's not such a bad thing now is it?! 

Sweater similar styles here and here  //  Pants  //  Jean Jacket  //  Mara Mine Shoes  //  Bracelet bangles  //  Bead Bracelets  //  Earrings c/o  //  Necklace  //  LV Bag  //  Lipstick  

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