Do you Fringe?

May 31, 2012

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I am not sure what I think about this. I could probably carry the YSL only because the fringe is so short.   there is something a little too hippie-ish to it for me though.  Sort of a throw back to the 70's.  Do you remember the 70's?  Bell bottom jeans, hip huggers, headbands, and fringe!  Peace, love, and all!

Time to get moving

May 30, 2012

My friend Amy sent me a text this past Monday afternoon at 1:25 stating that we were going to start walking in the morning at 6:00am.  We all know what that translated into........ overindulgence after a holiday weekend.  We have all been there.    I was in!  You see we have had several conversations about walking and when we could fit it in to our schedules.  Amy lives just four doors down so it is easy to get together.  We agreed to start in the morning and meet at 6:00am.  yuck.  I did not want to get up any earlier than I have to but it would be great to have it done and out of the way if we walk early.  

I use to run Daily.  I would fit 25 miles in weekly to my schedule.  The difference was I was an evening runner... not a morning exerciser.  I felt pretty good all day yesterday, and even feel pretty good so far today! Exercising in the morning helps you make good choices thru the day.  Our goal is to walk three miles at least 4 days a week. and drink plenty of this.
 There are some many choices of attire to help with moisture wicking, breathable fabric, no chaffing, support, you name it.  I found several pieces that I love at Lululemon I may just have to add to  the workout wardrobe.  Who knew they made skirts to run in?  Love that!!  Wish me luck, and if you see me walking a little funny, I am blaming it on the shin splints that currently are present! 

Photos by Lisa


May 29, 2012
I have been admiring totes lately.  Not an ordinary tote. But rather a bag that would substitute as a handbag.  You know for the time you need to carry more than usual. I have a carry on tote for when I travel by plane, and a tote for the beach or pool, but not a tote that I can throw my essentials in and look fashionable.   These are a few that I like.  My favorite of course is the Celine, but thats not going to happen right now.  I am almost convinced on the Louis Vuitton.  Now I just need to pull the trigger!  Do you carry a tote?

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I carry my iPad most days with me. It currently fits nicely in my bag as that was a pre requisite.   I have the RayBan aviators and love them. They were a birthday gift last year from the BF.   He paid a little extra and purchased them with polarized lens and it really makes a difference.  The keychain and small bag are by the Fabulous Blair Ritchey and on my list of wants. These would be perfect in a tote for when you need to grab your essentials out to make a quick purchase and not carry the whole tote inside.   I have the Nikon D5000 ....Love!  The perfect pink lipgloss is a must for the summer months,  and the Kantner bag is another Blair Ritchey favorite!!  

Oia Jules Giveaway

May 25, 2012

Not only is it Friday's Feature day but it is also a giveaway!!!  

Oia Jules {ee-ah jewels}
Thats right the fabulous Oia Jules is giving away to one lucky reader a pink agate chunky bracelet.  I love mine and get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it. 

Modern, elegant jewelry ispired by the islands of Greece.

This is a picture of the bracelet you will win! (Not the exact one but similar)  Don't you love the hot pink color? 
Close friends and designers, Elizabeth Schricker and Courtney Alexander first met in Brooklyn, NY while attending art school at Pratt Institute.

Now based in Los Angeles, the designers aim to combine the vibrant colors of the ocean, the skies, and the rich landscapes of Greece into unique pieces of modern, elegant jewelry. Oia Jules collections feature stunning colors of Agate mixed with gold and silver chains and embellishments. All of the pieces are hand crafted using one of a kind stones.
This is one of their more recent designs.  Skulls are very popular right now! They even design necklaces.  Don't you just love the colors?  There is a color for everyone.  What is your favorite? 

So here is how to enter. 
1.  Follow my blog with GFC.  Leave a comment below along with your email so I may contact you back!
2.  Follow Oia Jules Facebook page.  Say a friendly hello!
3.  Follow me on twitter (@peridotskys) and be sure to leave me your twitter name.
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6.  Follow me on Instagram (lmurie64)
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Use Rafflecopter below to enter  (It's super easy) to complete your entries.  Good Luck!

*Update*  Congratulations Sarah B. you are the winner of the Oia Jules pink agate bracelet.  I just sent you an email. Thanks to everyone that entered.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photos by Lisa
Images and Model courtesy Oia Jules

Taking it to the Max

May 21, 2012
I love the flow of a maxi dress.  The cool comfort that is necessary on a summer day. I have several and always on the look out for more.  I work in a environment where this maxi would not be considered professional.  Too bad because I would wear one at least twice to three times a week if I could.   Do you love the maxi?  Or do you get flash backs to your pregnancy days way to fast?  I know I did at first. Loving this stripes dress.  

   I would pair these accessories with my maxi.

Made good at Madewell

May 21, 2012
Last Thursday evening a few blogger friends and myself attended the Madewell styling event.  We meet at Dean and Deluca for a bite before heading over to the event.  It was a great evening of style with plenty of colors, stripes and polka dots!!  

Erin from Pretty, Polished, Perfect, Myself, Ali from A Dash of Details, Sandy from Sandy ala mode, and Shea from Bon Chic bon gastronomique .  You should check out their blogs.

You know I have a weakness for bracelets!

Shea and Sandy and the love of the polka dots!

And here are the stripes and polka dots that made it home with me!
Have you made it to Madewell?  
All photos by Lisa

Sisco Berluti

May 18, 2012
Fun Summer Stack

Sisco Berluti.  Have you heard of them?  Check out these stacks of color!  They are another giveback company.  I like that!  Two sisters, Lisa and Carolyn are the fabulous duo behind Sisco Berluti.   They first began stringing together different beads from around the world for family members and friends.  They create sets of 7 bracelets and call them "families".  Pretty cool huh?  You can also purchase them individual as well.   Here is the give back part. A portion of the proceeds from their sales help causes that have significant meaning to them including Half the Sky Foundation, working to care for orphans in China, and Ovations for the cure of Ovarian Cancer.

Munrowe Skulls

Pastel Sharpie Stack

Vanessa Hudgens'

Basic Collection Stack

Skull Bone
Loving this one
May Stack
This is called the May Stack.  They are having a promotion on this combo thru the month of May.  Check out their site and have your credit card ready.  You will want a "family" for sure!  I see several in my future!  I just love all the colors!  

All images courtesy Sisco Berluti

Framing with Puzzle Pictures

May 17, 2012
Do you ever have a picture that seems to get lost on your wall?  Where a frame just didn't seem to fill the space but you didn't want the picture any larger? 

 I decided to make a frame board for the pictures.  I was going to use 8x10 pictures on the boards so I had boards cut to 16x20. I used a piece of thin plywood form Home Depot and  I sanded the edges and smoothed the board.  
I painted the entire boards white.  Next I measured the board into 5 equal sections and softly marked the side of the boards and across the middle of the board to have a point of reference for the tape careful not to let it show on the top.  Then I taped with Yellow Frog Tape since it was for delicate or freshly painted surfaces from point to point until the whole board was taped.   You can see below the yellow tape where I already started to paint the chevron color.  I used the same Sherwin Williams paint color Versatile Gray that we used to paint the office strips you can see here.  
A little trick to sharp lines is after you have taped your design, paint the edge of the tape with the same paint as the background.  If there is any bleeding of paint color then it is the same as the background and blends in.  Once you have finished remove the tape when it is still damp pulling into the paint.    There you have it!  Beautiful Chevron Boards.   Now for what I used them for.........
 I recently took pictures of my grandsons when I was in Oklahoma that for this little mans birthday.  I had made these before and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  I chose a picture of each of the boys to use and had them blown up to 8x10 in black and white.  You can do color if you would rather.  I bought black core foam board from Hobby Lobby and cut 8x10 sections out of that too.   
I chose a spot in the pictures that would allow for a clean cut line thru the entire picture and cut it.  You ultimately want four independent pieces that fit back together.  Cut the foam board exactly the same.  
I then laid the foam board in a box and sprayed the boards with adhesive.  I matched the picture pieces with the foam pieces carefully placing and sticking them down.  
To adhere the foam picture pieces to the boards I used Scotch Command strips.  They work great for this. And if you ever want to update the pictures or use the boards for another purpose the command strips don't leave a mark and there are no holes.  
And there you have it!  Pretty cute huh?

All photos by Lisa

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