Sisco Berluti

May 18, 2012

Fun Summer Stack

Sisco Berluti.  Have you heard of them?  Check out these stacks of color!  They are another giveback company.  I like that!  Two sisters, Lisa and Carolyn are the fabulous duo behind Sisco Berluti.   They first began stringing together different beads from around the world for family members and friends.  They create sets of 7 bracelets and call them "families".  Pretty cool huh?  You can also purchase them individual as well.   Here is the give back part. A portion of the proceeds from their sales help causes that have significant meaning to them including Half the Sky Foundation, working to care for orphans in China, and Ovations for the cure of Ovarian Cancer.

Munrowe Skulls

Pastel Sharpie Stack

Vanessa Hudgens'

Basic Collection Stack

Skull Bone
Loving this one
May Stack
This is called the May Stack.  They are having a promotion on this combo thru the month of May.  Check out their site and have your credit card ready.  You will want a "family" for sure!  I see several in my future!  I just love all the colors!  

All images courtesy Sisco Berluti

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