Bfrend Bracelets

June 29, 2012
Bfrend,  Its more than a bracelet.  Its fun!  I believe it is so fun much  that I own 4 of hers, well there mine now! Monika has teamed up with me to giveaway to one lucky follower their own Bfrend bracelet!   I ordered the white first, then the Flora, then the pink and turquoise.   Monika Hibbs, the beauty behind The Doctors Closet, writes a wonderful blog.  She also designs these wonderful bracelets.  I love how easy they are to style.  Stack them on with a pair of shorts, or dress them up with a maxi.  I wear mine with everything.  I wore my white bfrend to the Madewell styling event and the clerk asked if it was a bfrend?  She recognized it and was enamored with it!  I of course told her she should order one right away. Every single time I have ordered one, I wait impatiently  patiently for the mailman to deliver.   

 Flora Bracelet.  I love how dainty this bracelet is and the charm it brings to your wrist.

One of my many arm parties via Instagram.  Follow me on instagram to see all the arm parties.
Love the stacks. There are several colors for even outfit! I think I may need to add the black to my collection!

Don't you love these pastel colors? So pretty. 

So are you ready to enter to win a bfrend bracelet? To enter you must do the following:

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Good luck.  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

**UPDATE**  The Winner of the Bfrend pink cobra bracelet is Lindsay H.  Congratulations!  You have an email from me!

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Monogram it

June 28, 2012
Monograming is a favorite of brides.  It is also a staple in the preppy set!  I went to private schools growing up and uniforms were a must. It was difficult to stand out in a crowd when you all had the same pleated plaid skirt on!  It was in the 70's and Ralph Lauren Polo was big with the double layering of your polo knits, and the flipped up collar.  Everything it seemed was monogramed.  I have always loved monograms and my initial on items.  The personalization is a sweet touch I think.  I have boxes upon boxes of personalized stationary, my initials on pillows, desk accessories, and even this jewel I received this past Valentines day.  I only wish my initial had more flair to it!  Seriously? Its two straight lines!!  My besties has the best initial I think.... G! its pretty upper or lower case!  Do you monogram?  Are you modest in what you sport with initials? or do you go all out preppy style?  I am crushing these Jack Rogers, middle initial A, size 8 please! 

 I spent many years afraid to monogram for fear I would look like Laverne!  Remember her?  She had a big L on every sweater and blouse she wore in the sitcom.  It was her trademark and I wasn't about to be on the same crazy train she was. Hello? Same initial!!  Good thing that sitcom isn't in reruns or I would be a skeptic to the whole monogram still!

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Dog Days of Summer

June 27, 2012

I would quit my job and hang at the pool all summer........ except come fall I think I would be hard pressed to get my job back! When my boys were little the dog days of summer would be spent at the pool.  Our pool bag packed with snacks, check, toys for the water, check, sunscreen, check, and drinks, check!  I must admit I am a sun worshiper. The forecast for this week is brutal.  With every day expected to be over 100 there is only one place to be if your outside..... the pool!  Ohhhh, sometimes I miss being a stay at home mom in the summer! I could be a lifeguard, but I think they would frown on me for floating in the lazy river! 

Towel ~ Kate Spade
Lotion ~ Clinique
Oil ~ Banana Boat
Tote ~ Rebecca Minkoff
Glasses case ~ Blair Ritchey
Sunnies ~ RayBan
Sandals ~ Tory Burch

Bedroom Makeover

June 26, 2012
So let me start off by saying that I will not be making the same mistake I made in the great room I posted about here. We have been wanting to change the bedroom for some time.  I swoon over headboards, and designs but hadn't really taken any steps to designing anything.  That all changed this past weekend. I spent the day on the Country Club plaza here in KC shopping.  I decided to stop in Restoration Hardware to see what they offered.  My goal was to just color and texture shop.  Not actually purchase.   I found it.  The perfect bedding.  It is stonewashed belgian linen and in gray.  I took my trusty color swatch the sales associate gave me and had him hold the duvet cover in my size so that I could get the BF's opinion on the color.  Two phone calls later and an "If you like it then I am sure its perfect" I strolled back in and purchased it.  I got it home and that little voice inside me keep saying it was going to be cold.  Gray is a difficult color to show warmth, and the last thing I want in my bedroom is it to not be cozy.  Good thing I brought home the sample of the second color choice.  

 The gray duvet cover and the gray in the pillow compliment each other but are not a perfect match.   I know in the picture they look completely off, but trust me they aren't.  It is pretty, but not for the master bedroom. 
 This is the bedding that we currently have.  I am so done with the matalese.  The pillows  are from Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel and I am sure I can re purpose them in the guest room.   
 This is the second sample. It's called Prairie.  It is also the stonewashed belgian linen.  This is the choice I think we are going with.  I can really have fun with this and add a few accessories in silver I have my eye on!  
The pillows that I made for the great room sofa match so well that i'm thinking of stealing them for the bed.  This is a sample of the fabric called city square in misty morn. What do you think?   I will choose other fabric and make new pillows for the great room!  So the paint that we used for this room also is a match.  Could it all be this easy?  This is going to be fun!!

Here are a few items I want to use in the space as well. I already own the Love print

Top image courtesy Restoration Hardware
Photos by Lisa  

It's A 10

June 25, 2012
My hair stylist recently introduced me to a new product that I must share.  I am a creature of habit so when I find a good product I generally stick with it until the heavens move. Well maybe not that long but you get my point.  It's a 10 styling serum is awesome! It will be replacing my Morocan oil.  Why? Color!  Now don't get all postal on me and comment on how wonderful moroccan oil is and that I am crazy.  Moroccan oil is wonderful and I would still be using it if it weren't for one simple fact.  The color of the oil and the color of my hair (blonde) don't bode well.  Moroccan oil can tend to turn blondes a little brassy!  eek.... that is an ugly word for blondes! So if your a brunette carry on as usual, but if your blonde you need to try It's a 10.  It really does compare to Moraccan oil and smells good too! I have pretty long blonde hair and it is thick so a good oil treatment is a must for me.  I have used several and the ability for it to absorb into the cuticle is important.  You don't want some oil to lay on your hair.

  I use it when my hair is wet right after I wash it, and again after I am finished flat ironing it!  Love it!  Give it a try and let me know if you love it too!

Photos by Lisa
This is my personal opinion and not endorsed by It's a10.

JoJo Loves

June 22, 2012


These are spectacular vintage button findings, set with Swarovski crystals & made just for you!

One pair of these sparkles can be yours in your choice of color!  Enter to win a pair of Fleur Bling. 

JOJO has a studio in the south end of Boston where everything is handmade for you.  Her designs are carried in over 100 stores across the country.  The colors are plenty and with so many styles to choose from there is something for everyone's tastes.  I love the little bling on these fleur earrings.  And you knew I would showcase the pink ones!  Hop over to her site and check out all the wonderful bling.  The winner gets to choose the earring color of their choice!!  

I have these pretty little bling drops.  Pink of course!  I just love them. 

So enter to win a pair of these lovelies in your choice of color.

Enter to win by following Peridot Skys on GFC. Leave a comment below telling me what color you would choose. 

For extra entries:

Use the rafflecopter form below to enter and good luck!

** Update** Congratulations to Tracy K. the winner of the JoJo Bling. You have an email from me.

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White Sangria

June 21, 2012
This is our favorite summertime cocktail.  The recipe was given to me by a dear friend of ours who unfortunately passed away last year of Lou Gherigs disease.  Marco was a head chef and a true master of his kitchen.  He worked beside Wolfgang Puck for many years and even was kind enough to get Wolfgang to personally autograph a cookbook for one of my sons who studies culinary.  Nice gift! The BF and I use to go to the restaurant where Marco cooked often.  Not just because of Marco but because we loved the atmosphere. 

One evening after a few sangrias, I asked Marco to share his recipe with me.  If you know anything about chefs, they generally don't share all the ingredients to their recipes.  But I was in luck, Marco not only decided to share, but he was going to give me a tutorial in his kitchen the following afternoon.  It was a date!  Well a booze date! So at 2 the following afternoon when the kitchen of the restaurant was slow he guided me thru my first batch.  And as they say, the rest is history.  So In honor of our dear friend and his love of a good cocktail heres to you Marco!  Cheers!   

White Sangria
  • 2 1/2 quarts Chardonnay un-oaked  (You may use boxed wine and it taste just fine)
  • 1 C. Brandy ~ Personally I only use 1/2 C. to start and add more to taste (I want to function the next day)
  • 1/2  to 1C sugar to taste
  • Club soda, or Sprite depending on your taste ~ Sprite makes it sweeter
  • 2 Limes
  • 1 Orange
  • 2 Granny Smith Apples
  • Green grapes cut in half
  • 2 White Peaches (I used regular peaches because I couldn't find white yet)
  • Raspberries
  • Mint for garnish
*NOTE*  You may make this a red sangria by using a merlot and switch out the lighter colored fruits for darker fruits such as cherries, blackberries, watermelon, red apples.

Pour your wine into a container large enough to hold the liquid amounts and leave room to add fruit. Add the sugar and mix well.
Slice your lime and orange into disc
cut the remaining fruit into bite size pieces

mix all the fruit with your wine and brandy

 whisk the fruit to help "mash" it into the wine

 Strain the fruit from the wine when you are ready to serve.  I leave the fruit in the wine mix for a few hours to infuse, and it brings out all the fruit flavors but it ferments and boy is it stronger the second day if you leave the fruit in the wine! 

Now, if you are ready to get your cocktail on, pour the sangria over ice and add a splash of club soda or Sprite.  I always add a little of the sliced fruit in my glass.  Garnish with a disc of orange and a sprig of mint!

If you prefer, chill the mixture for a few hours and then stir again right before serving and straining.   We never wait and pour ourselves a glass right away! 


All photos by Lisa

The Shirt Dress

June 20, 2012
I have recently been shopping and caught myself drawn to the shirt dress.  It has such a casual feel to it yet doesn't look like you didn't have a plan for your outfit.  A cute pair of flats a ponytail and you have a dress to run errands in.  Let your hair down change into a cute wedge and belt it and it becomes date night!  Versatile is the name of the game!  Being short (i'm only 5'4) it is the perfect length for me.  Here are a few that have caught my eye.  My favorite is #4.  Which one do you like?  Would you consider a shirt dress? 

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Blog Biz Recap

June 19, 2012
I had the opportunity to meet Meg Biram of Mimi+Meg and learn some fabulous blogging tips from her two weeks ago. She hosted a seminar in Downtown KC and a few fellow bloggers and I were excited to attend.  I met a few new bloggers in the KC area which is always fun too!    Blog Biz Buzz was both educational and  rewarding for me. I would highly recomend attending if you are new to blogging or trying to start a business in conjunction with your blog.  Not to mention the goodies we got to take home!       
I started the evening with dinner at a little greek restaurant with Shea and Deanna.  We then walked down one block to the meeting site and was promptly greeted by Meg.  The room was set up in an intimate informal setting with cozy chairs and sofas.  As everyone began arriving Meg popped the cork and we enjoyed sipping champagne and these scrumptious macaroons from Au Bon Macaron, a local company here in KC that I will definitely order from!  Meg was warm, engaging, personal, and super cool!  I am so glad I attended.  If she plans a Blog Biz Buzz in your city....GO!!  You won't be sorry. Meg tweeted yesterday that she is planning a Blog Biz Buzz in Philadelphia.  Check it out if you are close.

The sponsors added such a fun treat with items to take home! 

 Here is my pile of goodies from the event!  A pennant from Laura Parker which is a constant reminder!  A cupcake bath fizzy by Jeannie at Dirty Laundry, my new bracelet I picked out from Swell Caroline, A mini bag from Stephanie Johnson, and a fun tray by Ampersand Studios.  I love it all.  
All photos by Lisa

Weekend Recap

June 18, 2012
Happy Monday.  Hope you all had a great weekend and took some time to relax with the dad's in your life.   My weekend was eventful but didn't seem busy.  Here it is in instagram review.  Do you follow me on instagram? lmurie64.  I had my hair appointment Saturday morning.  That is a three hour process.  The downfall to long hair I guess.  I had an appointment also on saturday and in the  lobby of the building were these rings suspended from the ceiling in different heights and colors.  When I got home from my errands this was waiting for me in the mail!  Welcome to the arm party my little friends!!   Bfrend bracelets in pink and turquoise. 

 The BF and I enjoyed cocktails on the Plaza, and Macarons from Natasha's.  Ok, so maybe he didn't actually partake in any macarons, but he waited in the car for me to get them!  And for Father's Day? Pie....... in two scrumptious flavors, French Silk, and Lemon Meringue.  Amy and I will be adding an extra mile to our morning walks this week.   

What did you do this weekend?
All photos by Lisa

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