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June 07, 2012

 I Love Bracelets.  No really.  I have too many to count. I am constantly adding to my collection.  I ordered a new pastel baby last night!!  Here are a few of my recent arm party's via instagram.  Do you instagram?  Follow me at  Perdotskys  to see what parties are going on!

Ok, here we go with all the fabulous designs here.  Oia Jules Pink AgateBfrend white and gold, K Slade Made black, blue, and green pipe dreamThe Ropes Maine Orange and blue chevron and pink and yellow ropeAlexandra Beth Designs pink wrap silver stud.

The Ropes


The Ropes Maine

Alexandra Beth

K Slade Made
This picture has both the K Slade made pipe dreams and the Bfrend bracelet.  This picture also was featured on K Slade made   blog here.   DIY friendship bracelet.

DIY pearls and other random bracelets I own.

DIY beads from this post

 Derng gold pave tube bracelets, Bfrend Monika Love

All Photos by Lisa

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