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June 04, 2012

I have had my chiminea for years.  I received it as a gift and loved it. Unfortunately it has sat in my garage for the past few years hardly used.  Thanks mostly in part to the fire pit rage.  Our neighbor has a fire pit in his back yard that our little neighborhood group of friends gather round on weekends, and now we have one in our backyard as well. 
I am a little bit sentimental when it comes to gifts from my boys.  My oldest was proud the day he gave the chiminea to me for mothers day so I cannot part with it.  This is a picture of a chiminea, not mine but it looks identical to mine. 

And here is mine.  I did find a clever use for it.  Pretty cute huh?

On to the back yard
  When you build a house the landscaping is an upgrade usually any thing past a few trees and bushes in the front.  So my back yard was in desperate need of some flowers.  I always wonder if the guy from the TV show who finds people in the Home Depot store is ever there when I am.  What I would give to have him approach me and ask if he can come home and make over my yard.  A girl can dream!

I planted a little red bud tree a few years ago in the back yard but felt it needed some sort of flowers to go around it.  I had a tree ring and a few arbervities in the corner of the yard but this is more in the center of the yard.  So we set out to build a burm.  It took us all afternoon to complete it but I love how it turned out!  Yes we used an extension cord to lay out the design.  It is refered to as my Florida burm and I want to be right about where the plug is on the beach!  Naples area!

Finished product

We planted all perenials so it will come back every year!  Hopefully if I can keep the bunnies from eating anything! They are crazy in our neighborhood this year. 

Photos by Lisa


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