Bedroom Makeover

June 26, 2012

So let me start off by saying that I will not be making the same mistake I made in the great room I posted about here. We have been wanting to change the bedroom for some time.  I swoon over headboards, and designs but hadn't really taken any steps to designing anything.  That all changed this past weekend. I spent the day on the Country Club plaza here in KC shopping.  I decided to stop in Restoration Hardware to see what they offered.  My goal was to just color and texture shop.  Not actually purchase.   I found it.  The perfect bedding.  It is stonewashed belgian linen and in gray.  I took my trusty color swatch the sales associate gave me and had him hold the duvet cover in my size so that I could get the BF's opinion on the color.  Two phone calls later and an "If you like it then I am sure its perfect" I strolled back in and purchased it.  I got it home and that little voice inside me keep saying it was going to be cold.  Gray is a difficult color to show warmth, and the last thing I want in my bedroom is it to not be cozy.  Good thing I brought home the sample of the second color choice.  

 The gray duvet cover and the gray in the pillow compliment each other but are not a perfect match.   I know in the picture they look completely off, but trust me they aren't.  It is pretty, but not for the master bedroom. 
 This is the bedding that we currently have.  I am so done with the matalese.  The pillows  are from Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel and I am sure I can re purpose them in the guest room.   
 This is the second sample. It's called Prairie.  It is also the stonewashed belgian linen.  This is the choice I think we are going with.  I can really have fun with this and add a few accessories in silver I have my eye on!  
The pillows that I made for the great room sofa match so well that i'm thinking of stealing them for the bed.  This is a sample of the fabric called city square in misty morn. What do you think?   I will choose other fabric and make new pillows for the great room!  So the paint that we used for this room also is a match.  Could it all be this easy?  This is going to be fun!!

Here are a few items I want to use in the space as well. I already own the Love print

Top image courtesy Restoration Hardware
Photos by Lisa  

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  1. Love all u have so far! The bright colored pillow looks great with the silver accents :)))) thanks for including my print in the decor !

    1. Thanks Jen! I can't wait to add other prints as well to the space!

  2. Love any room make over when the season changes. xoxo

  3. I had that same carpet in mind for my living room! I ended up going with a different print, but now looking at this color scheme, I am slightly regretting it. Can't wait to see the finished space!

    1. Thanks I am excited to see it unfold as well!


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