Best Friends

June 13, 2012

Country Club Plaza
I was recently asked by a NY Times reporter about friendship and what my opinion was on if age mattered in making and/or keeping friends.  I had alot to say.  But what it all boiled down to was simple.  When you find a friend and make a connection they are a friend for life.  Sometimes they are in your everyday life, other times they are an occasional conversation. (Holidays, birthdays)  My best friend has been my BFF for going on 21 years.  We met when we lived in Oklahoma on the same street.  She was from Arkansas, and I was a native Oklahoma gal.  We clicked instantly.  It was scary at time the similarities to our thoughts and likes.  As time passed we began to be mistaken for sisters. (Someone even asked if we were twins?) We didn't see that.  Her husband was transfered to Kansas City and we realized we had not appreciated the gift of living in the same city until it was no longer available.  We lived in seperate cities never letting the distance interfere with our friendship for almost 10 years. Endless phone calls and trips to visit each other kept up laughing and making memories.  We would call each other and plan shopping trip together in the same stores, but different cities! We were pregnant with our youngest together and supported each other thru both our divorces.  I moved to KC 7 years ago placing us in the same city again!!  We did not take for granted the opportunity to be in the same city again. 
On the Plaza at Paddy O'Quigleys

KC Chiefs football game.  It was 4 degrees that December game.  We froze!

Now don't get me wrong.  We had our ups and downs.  but the connection was never lost.  We could never stay mad for long.  Other girlfriends  were jealous of our tight friendship  and comment on how  they wished they could find a friend as close as we are.   I know we are lucky. Until now! 

My BFF  is moving again.  This time to Florida.  No husband transfer, (well there is no husband)  no job oportunity that requires the move, no get rich quick scheme.  Just a life change following her heart.  I am proud of her for following her heart.  Life is short and you get one time in this world.  So G this is for you!  It take courage and guts to pick up and move to start again and follow your heart.  I know I did it when I moved to KC.  Here is to endless strolls on the beach, and more phone shopping trips!  xo
All photos by Lisa

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