Hayden Reis

June 28, 2013

I am summer ready.  And that means a fully packed, stocked beach bag ready to go at the drop of a hat!  You never know when the mood or the time will allow for a trip to the beach, for the lucky girls that live within a day trip to the beach, or for the midwest girls, a trip to the pool!

Let me introduce you to Hayden Reis.  The most water, sand, sunscreen friendly bags ever!  Made from sailcloth, they are completely water resistent!  Now that doesn't mean you can drop them in the water, there is a zipper, and a hole to clip it in your larger bag, so don't go swimming with it.  But do take it to the pool or beach, and safely store your keys, phone, extra hair ties, or whatever floats your boat!  You will want one of each style for sure. I know I do! 

My wristlet already packed for the next trip to the pool.  

Hayden Reis bags are perfect for a carryall.  Stylish, and functional, these bags can withstand sunscreen leaks, snacks from the kids, sand, and even throw in your wet suit.  There is a bag for all your pool needs!  Made of durable dacron sailcloth, they are durable, lightweight, and comes in a variety of colors.  Each bag is assembled and sewn in the USA!

If your a gym rat, your Hayden Reis is perfect for that as well.  Running errands, and trips to the park for picnics are just a few of the occasions your Hayden Reis bag will come in handy!

I already have my bag tucked in my large bag, and ready for the next trip to the pool!  I want to share with you the same bag I received, the Night Star wristlet!  A beautiful black bag with a hot pink star sewn on the front with a wristlet!  It's really simple to enter.  Follow the instructions in the rafflecopter form and get ready to enjoy your trip to the water!

Good Luck!

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Baby Blues

June 27, 2013
Oh Thursday, you are such a welcome day after the day I had yesterday.  It was one long line of messes.  The day started with a broken nail, and my nail gal is on vacation until next Tuesday, ugh!!  Then, the computer program I was working in kept erroring me out at the very last entry page of a multi page form, not once, but four times.  Everyone is super busy, and super stressed at my office, myself included, waiting on a big contract to take effect next week.  Deadlines are mandatory and we will celebrate our successes when its behind us.   I don't know if the super moon, or full moon, or just plain old somethings in the air, but I have been in the weirdest mood the past week, and almost feel the need to nest.  I wake up ready to clean, purge, get rid of, organize, you name it its on the list of needs!  Now generally, nesting is what a pregnant woman does right before she gives birth, and since I am not giving birth ever again, I chalk it up to the moon!  I walk into my closet, and fell the overwhelming urge to just get rid of so much, but then I am paralized with the reality of replacing it all would be a task. 

 So, I have decided to carefully make judgements on the pieces that are in danger of being cut, and make the decision to rid myself of the excess, and replace them with a few new items that will be versatile in many outfits!  That is something I am not good at.  I am all about selection, and when I like something, I tend to want it in several colors.  WIsh me luck on the closet cleaning process.  I will not however at this time be addressing shoes.  That my dears, is something I will save for another day! I have been on a spending freeze for a few months now, and it is killing me.. Maybe thats the bad mood, and need to purge!  

This baby blue number was a recent score (the last purchase before the freeze) from Madewell on sale and it is on repeat for sure at the office. I love the weight of the sweater, and the bright blue is a great color on me! I layered it with a thin tank, and added white bracelets and voile!  perfect casual outfit!  What does your casual outfit consist of? 

Sweater (similar on sale)  Tank  Pants  Sandals (last season but these are cute here)   White Bracelet  Bangles  

Four Favorites / Weekend Getaway

June 26, 2013

Lango Messenger     Sandals     Dress     Shorts

Happy Wednesday lovies!  It has been one heck of a week so far, and I  really am hopping for a smoother rest of the week. Work is busy busy, and that is zapping all my mojo, but I have a few day off next week and cannot wait to relax and enjoy some much needed me time!

This weeks four favorites is all about weekend getaways and essentials to make it perfect!  Weather its a road trip, or a take off and landing, the perfect weekend wouldn't be complete in my book without these items.  The perfect Blair Ritchey bag to carry on your belongings, then once you arrive use it as your tote to pick up various treasures as you scout your surroundings!  A transition dress that can run errands, or take  you for a casual patio dinner with some of your girl friends, or your main squeeze! I love this dress and how flowy it is! 

The perfect Tory sandal.... enough said!  What weekend would be complete without a comfy pair of shorts, and these Joe's cutoff are a slouchy fit that I love!

What are your weekend essentials?  Do you have to travel with heels, or maybe a dry shampoo? Share what is your must have for a getaway, and don't forget to see what everyone else is packing!

Wedding Maxi

June 25, 2013
My niece got married earlier this month, and I traveled home to help celebrate her day!  She was a gorgeous bride, and I couldn't be happier for her. 

My other niece Rachel, pictured her with me and Katie, is also getting married!  Only her wedding will be a trip up north to Minnesota! I can't wait for another family wedding!  I am from a large family, #5 of 6 kids!  and my mom was one of 6 kids as well.  So you can Imagine there are several cousins, and second cousins. Some of my cousins are actually the age of my kids, so these kids have grown up with a tight knit family, with great family get togethers, and always with a house full of kids the same ages!  

 I am a sap at weddings. I get all emotional, and lovie dovie.  I almost always, OK, always, cry at weddings!  They can be perfect strangers to me and I still am going to cry! Its just so romantic to me, and I am a hopeless romantic for sure. I have always said, I am a happily single in a relationship girl.  Don't get me wrong, I am not against marriage, I did it once, and would do it again if we decide ever that it is what we want! The only thing I can tell you is that it would be a destination wedding if it ever happens for me again! But for now, I am happy where I am! 

So lets get back to the outfit of the evening.  I wanted to be comfortable and stylish.  I recently purchased this maxi and since it as the only solid color maxi I own that is not strapless, or backless, it was the winner.  I added this scarf for a pop of color and as a little cleavage cover for a family wedding.  The dress does have a little plunge, but I have worn it without a scarf and it was fine. This dress will definitely be in heavy rotation!  

                  Dress  Scarf   Clutch c/o   Cuff c/o   Druzy wrap c/o   Bangle c/o  

Sometimes the accessories make the outfit,and this was one of those occasions.  Besides the colorful scarf, I dressed my evening up with my fabulous Me Char Edith clutch.  It is the first hinged clutch I own and everybody swooned over my bag!  The rich green, and the black band of leather with the gold hinge and clasp made selecting my jewelry for the evening a snap.  I reached for a few gold favorites, my Rustic Cuff inspiration cuff, the gorgeous Nina Nguyen druzy wrap, and of course what would a wedding be without a little love!  My Claudia Rowe love bangle

A perfect outfit for  a perfect evening!

The BF took this picture before we left for the wedding in my parents back yard.  My mom has the best backyard!  I took a little stroll around the yard and will share her green thumb with you!  

Me Char Handbags

June 21, 2013

Me char handbags are edgy, sophisticated, and are designed with clean lines and truly offer something unexpected!  Me Char is know for its very unique and classy leather clutches, small goods, and handbags.  The bags are very trendy, and can be used for day or night!

Me Char bags are stylish, yet functional, with special attention to details and using imported Italian leather.  Born in Hong Kong, Charmaine Ho the designer of this small but rapidly growing handbag company, studied fashion merchandising at the Parson School of Design in New York.  Her Boy meets girl personality, and her East meets West background is reflected and drawn upon for inspirations to create an array of colorful bags! 

I love her style! Her signature elements includes ruffles and zippers, and she incorprorates such bright vibrant colors in a rich grained leather.  I really like the pebble texture to the leather, and her Edith clutch in gold is spectacular!
I am so glad to be sharing this designer with you, and I know you will find a bag to love just like I did! 

Look for me to style my Me Char next week in my outfit post! 

This was not a sponsored post.  Just me sharing another fabulous designer with you!!

Floral Pants

June 20, 2013
A little floral can go a long way!  As promised, here are my floral pants from yesterdays four favorites!  I love how bright they are!

Just one of the reasons to have a good street photographer........ keeps you from getting ran over!

Pants and Top ~ Ann Taylor  Shoes ~ Jack Rogers  Bracelets The Ropes Maine c/o and Oia Jules  Phone case ~ Kate Spade

Drawn to these like a duck to water, I love these pants!  Colorful, playful, and the best part is they have a little stretch to them!  Bonus!! When I first purchased them the clerk suggested a pink top to go with, I chuckled, and said that I was sure there was a pink top, or two, in my closet that would match.  What I didn't realize, was that this yellow lace blouse from Ann Taylor last year was a perfect match as well!  I am looking forward to wearing these again but this time with a pink top and maybe even gold sandals and a few chains! 

I really love how my Ropes and Oia Jules bracelets match so well!  Ahhh, I just love when an outfit falls together!!

Four Favorites / Florals

June 18, 2013

Pants     Anchor Tee     Clutch    Maxi

So your either in, or your out.  With florals that is!  I have to be honest, I have always been drawn to florals, but mostly pants.  I remember in the 90's on a trip to Vegas I had what I thought was the best pair of floral pants, that is, until we got there and I blended in with the carpet!! 

I really love mixing florals with stripes!  These four favorites are super cute, and I actually own #1 and tomorrow you will see me style them!  I even added a sneak peek at them below!!  The anchor tee is a little splash of floral, while the clutch needs to seriously get in my closet!  The maxi is a double winner with floral and a maxi!  Whats not to love? 

So, are you a floral fan yet?

Here is a peek at my floral pants.  Don't forget to check out the entire outfit post tomorrow.

Remember, today I am liking up with the girls, so see what floral fever they are experiencing! 

Weekend Recap

June 18, 2013

What a great weekend!  It was jam packed for me that's for sure.  Friday evening was spent downtown at the Boulevard Brewery.  It is a local  brewing company that gives plant tours.  One of my neighbors volunteers for the company and on occasion host plant tours.  We rented a bus to transport us downtown.  Smart idea when you have 25+ people drinking at these events and then needing to get home!

Now if you know me, then you know I hate beer.  I don't like anything about it, and have on several occasions attempted to find a beer I would like, to no avail.  So it seemed Like I would be a sober duck in a pond full of drunk fish!  I even considered taking a flask, but that was only going to last so long before I would run out!  I did attempt to drink a beer, and still stand strong on my dislike of beer!  I was in luck,  Boulevards make wine! 

It was a fun evening, and they have a great bar..... if you drink beer.  Oh, and its free too!  Everyone pitched in and brought a little something to eat while we mingled, then our lovely tour guides took us around to various area of the plant.  We even got to go to the roof for a spectacular view of the city!

Some of these guys were even double fisting it! 

My Saturday was a busy day as well.  I drove to Ft. Riley for my sweet grandson's 5th birthday celebration!  It was the first time to visit their new house, and it was wonderful.  I took both my other boys, and grandson to spend the day and the cousins had a great visit.  He is really big into Lego's and his cake was adorable!  And what 5 year olds birthday isn't complete without a piƱata! 

The superman birthday boy! 

I couldn't let the day go by without a photo of all three of my sweet babies!  What I didn't realize was they had another idea in store for me!  Let me tell ya, it was no easy task and believe it or not, these ARE the best ones! The goofy smiles of a 5 year old, the too tired 2 year old who just wanted to talk on his phone with Mimi, and a honery 9 month old who would. not. sit. still.

Maybe next time!  Isn't there a special place in heaven for a mother of all boys, AND all grandson?  There should be!!

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Henri Lou

June 14, 2013

I like unique things!  Something that is different, stands out, and can carry itself without any necessary accoutrement's! I love bright sweaters, and you will almost always find me with a bracelet or two on my arm!  Henri Lou adorns my arm and it is a perfect statement bracelet! 

Inspired by a trip to a saddle shop in California, native Texan Reagan Rowland, who now is a sunny Cali girl, meticulously and proudly designs all of her pieces in Los Angeles.  Using a variety of stones, chain, and leathers, in a wide range of colors, you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry.  You will find her designs adorning the likes of such celebrities as Terry Hatcher, and Julia Roberts.  

Edgy, Boho chic, and timeless are just some of the features I love about Henri Lou Jewelry.  She has even added to her line handbags, and the most adorable rings.  My favorite is the red leather and heart! 

It is not difficult to spot Henri Lou styles.  They can be found in boutiques all over the world including Fred Segal and Neiman Marcus, and you can order right from her website too! 

But today, you can enter to win one right here! I know you will love it!  Follow the instruction in the rafflecopter form, and good luck!  Don't forget to spread the word to your friends so they can have a chance to win.  We wouldn't want our friends to not be styling now would we!!!!!?

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June 13, 2013
This has got to be the greatest addition to any home bar that I have ever seen.  The Corkcicle is a fabulous invention! I am giddy with excitement to share this with you.  I loved mine so much, I gave one to my sister for her birthday last month! 

 With a variety of colors to choose from, there is one for every imaginable style!  Corcicle sent me a blue one to review.  I loved it so much I have now added a pink (of course) to my bar!

So it is rather simple.  You chill your Corkcicle, then select your wine, red or white, and pour a taste.  Replace the cork from the bottle with your chilled Corkcicle and all the while your enjoying your glass of wine, the Corkcicle is keeping your bottle the perfect drinking temperature.  Pretty cool huh?   See that cicle down the middle of my wine? Yup, that's the Corkcicle just chillin' away! 

I love that you're not over chilling the bottle in a messy wine chiller, and it not left on the counter to drop in temperature either.  And for the red wine drinkers? It chills it just enough to bring out the full flavors and body of the grapes.  Yes, reds need to be slightly above room temperature! The cool part to this also is that you are able to leave the kitchen, or even the house for the yard, patio or driveway with your bottle and it will stay chilled with out you having to make trips back to the fridge! 

So you're  a beer drinker you say? Well they have you covered there as well, check out the Chillsner.  

I am not kidding when I say this is a perfect accessory! You need to add this to your bar, or actually your freezer,  and you will be one happy vino drinker! 

**Corkcicle sent me a corkcicle to review.  All opinions and suggestions are 100% mine.  I would never promote to you my friends a product I did not stand behind completely! 

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