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June 11, 2013

Raffia Tote    Cover up     Hat     Suit

This weeks four favorites could not have been better suited for me!  I am a lover of the beach and this is exactly what I would need to start my day trip!  A great hat, a fun coverup, a colorful suit, and a large tote to carry all the other essentials to the beach.  A day at the beach for me is a whole day.  I can spend hours upon hours enjoying the breeze, the sounds of the ocean, and finding that perfect shell to remember my day with!  I can lay on the sand and read until I lose track of time, only to cool off in the water and read some more. And lets not forget, I love to watch people, and there is always someone who catches my attention for a while!  

I am a kid at heart and almost always have to play in the sand to see what I can build too!  

What is your favorite thing about the beach? 

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  1. I am a beach kind of girl too! Miss it so much since I have moved. Loving that suite + cute cover up love!

    next weeks four favorites: florals!


  2. That bikini top is so cute, I love the print!

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    Scarf Giveaway!

  3. Ah the water, just the sound of the waves is so mesmerizing!

    Art by Karena
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