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June 11, 2013

Happy Tuesday!  It officially feels like summer.  The weather is expected to reach the 90's finally, everything is so lush and green, with all my flowers blooming from so much rain!  It's beautiful outside!  With that said, I am moving to summer mode on the blog!  What does that mean?  Well, with me spending so much time outside the entire weekend, and it is daylight until almost 9pm, I am hardly making it in to sit at my computer for a Monday post on Sunday evening!  So for the summer months I am taking Monday's off!  I only wish I could do this at the office too!!  

So, now on to my past weekend. The BF and I ran errands Saturday morning and stopped by Whole Foods for a few items.  Random as it seemed at the time, he asked the meat counter person if they had sushi.  Yes!  I was like, what? Sushi? In Whole Foods?  After a long presentation, and a very convincing explanation as to what exactly constitutes this as "sushi grade" meat, we purchased a portion and proceeded to pick up wasabi powder.   I have to be honest, I was a little scared to be eating raw fish in my kitchen.  The mind Jedi trick of for some reason it is perfectly safe in a restaurant!!  

A little Kiran Ichiban beer for him, a little Saki for me and we were set!  It was delicious, refreshing, and we will definitely be doing that again!  I did make him eat the first piece, ya know, sorta like a taste tester in case it was bad!!

The rest of the weekend was just as tasty!  We enjoyed fresh fruit salads, grilled out every day, my new favorite grilled vegetable asparagus! and a fresh pedicure!  Whats not to love about summer weekends!! I love summertime!  What did you do this weekend?  If  you have any favorite grilled vegetables to share I would love to hear what they are! Here is to a great week!!

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