Weekend Recap

June 18, 2013

What a great weekend!  It was jam packed for me that's for sure.  Friday evening was spent downtown at the Boulevard Brewery.  It is a local  brewing company that gives plant tours.  One of my neighbors volunteers for the company and on occasion host plant tours.  We rented a bus to transport us downtown.  Smart idea when you have 25+ people drinking at these events and then needing to get home!

Now if you know me, then you know I hate beer.  I don't like anything about it, and have on several occasions attempted to find a beer I would like, to no avail.  So it seemed Like I would be a sober duck in a pond full of drunk fish!  I even considered taking a flask, but that was only going to last so long before I would run out!  I did attempt to drink a beer, and still stand strong on my dislike of beer!  I was in luck,  Boulevards make wine! 

It was a fun evening, and they have a great bar..... if you drink beer.  Oh, and its free too!  Everyone pitched in and brought a little something to eat while we mingled, then our lovely tour guides took us around to various area of the plant.  We even got to go to the roof for a spectacular view of the city!

Some of these guys were even double fisting it! 

My Saturday was a busy day as well.  I drove to Ft. Riley for my sweet grandson's 5th birthday celebration!  It was the first time to visit their new house, and it was wonderful.  I took both my other boys, and grandson to spend the day and the cousins had a great visit.  He is really big into Lego's and his cake was adorable!  And what 5 year olds birthday isn't complete without a piñata! 

The superman birthday boy! 

I couldn't let the day go by without a photo of all three of my sweet babies!  What I didn't realize was they had another idea in store for me!  Let me tell ya, it was no easy task and believe it or not, these ARE the best ones! The goofy smiles of a 5 year old, the too tired 2 year old who just wanted to talk on his phone with Mimi, and a honery 9 month old who would. not. sit. still.

Maybe next time!  Isn't there a special place in heaven for a mother of all boys, AND all grandson?  There should be!!

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  1. I would've had the wine instead too...I am not a fan of beer! Happy birthday to your grandson. That lego cake is too cute!

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  2. I don't think I knew you were a KC girl too! I love the brewery tour. I did it last year with a group of friends and we had a great time! Happy birthday to your grandson! They are some handsome little men!


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