Sharing your Knowledge

January 29, 2016

#Community over competition...  those three words are important in the blogging world.  Really it can apply to about any situation but we are gonna focus on blogging.  I think this is a topic we need to discuss.  Sharing your resources doesn't have to be treated like a national secret.  I know a lot of bloggers who would guard their contacts as trade secrets. Then there are the other group of bloggers who will gladly share a contact with you to help you grow your own blog or business.  Here's a little something to think on.... there is enough to go around for everyone.  Sharing your contact isn't about cornering the market.  It's more about fear of losing something you have placed value on.  Sure, maybe you did a lot of leg work to find the right PR firm for your prospective collaboration, or it took you 6 months to finally get the company to respond to you. You worked hard for that contact.   I'm not saying give every single contact you have away but I am saying it's okay to share. 

Now lets talk about sharing.  How do you chose who and how to share your information, and how much of it do you ultimately decide to share?  You have probably been asked to share a contact with a fellow blogger.  Learning from others along your path to success is important. Sometimes learning from their mistakes is your take away!  It's a game of balance.  

 Don't hoard your contacts - I like to think there are enough collaborations to go around for everyone. Now I know not everyone thinks this way.  In fact there are several bloggers I know who would not share a contact with you.  Given the right, or actually wrong situation I wouldn't share my contacts either.  What is a wrong situation?  Glad you asked.... 

What if someone you hardly know reaches out to you and starts picking your brain?  What do you do then?  I suggest you set up a coffee date and get to know the other blogger.  Build a relationship that will be mutually beneficial for both of you to share information.  Who knows, it may turn into a fabulous partnership!  Get to know the person and see if it's genuine or you're just being used.  Send them packing if they are just using you!   If she was only after your contacts and not interested in you .... then you could politely decline to share and set some boundaries for any future contact.  Maybe tell her you charge a consultation fee for your expertise and guidance.  If she is genuine she will pay your fee.  I know many bloggers that are generous with their time and information.  One of the reasons The Blog Guild is successful is because we love to share with our members.  In the end, you want to manage your time to the best of your ability. 

Comfort Zones -  Step out of yours..... no seriously, step out!  You will find there is so much outside of what seems easy comfortable and safe.  Build relationships with others in your community and start sharing knowledge.  It's literally that easy. 

Write a Post -  Write a post and answer your most frequently asked questions.  I bet you are asking yourself how this apples to sharing knowledge?  Say you took a great class on photoshop, or you attended a conference.  Those are resources and information that you could mention and link to with your experience on this page.  Then by creating a FAQ page to your commonly asked questions this will ultimately save you time.   Refer to it in your post as needed and when you receive questions again you can politely direct them to your page. Talk about a time saver. 

Generic Declines - Better know as canned responses, we have all received them so I suggest you at least personalize it to the brand you are declining. Have a few drafts lined up and then tailor it to fit your needs.  Remember, you don't want to turn down a PR firm, you want to turn down the one particular brand the firm is wanting to collaborate on.  Maintaining a relationship is important for future collaborations.  I am a firm believer in building relationships.  

Okay so now you spill the beans.  Do you share your knowledge?  How do you share your knowledge?  Do you have any time saving tips to share on becoming more efficient?  

There's enough to go around! Help build someone up because someday you just might need a little help! 

Valentines Day Outfit

January 28, 2016
Man these brutally cold days are torture on outfit pics!  Good thing it's warmed up a bit!  For me, putting together an outfit for Valentines Day is like riding a bike.  If there's pink involved it's gonna be simple! The Blush Moto jacket is getting heavy rotation and for good reason. It goes with just about anything I pair it with.   Adding camo to the Valentines Day outfit to roughen up all the pink gives this outfit a gold star in my book.   I pulled out my trusty hot pink ray ban mirror sunnies too!  How cute is this lips scarf?  I snagged it at the end of last season but I linked to a few others.  

Style tip ~ When mixing prints remember to use a larger print with a smaller print and leopard is always a neutral. 

So I have to tell you guys I recently jumped on the snapchat train.  I wasn't totally sure I wanted to add yet another social media to keep up with.  You can follow me at lisa.murie  anyway, I did and at first had not a clue as to what to do.  Then my son (after laughing at me) gave me a brief tutorial and sent me on my way.  I am sailing along trying to remember to snap things before it's over rather than when it's too late and I get a call from my son telling me to step up my snap game.  He said we were lame!   Lame!!!!  So I am stepping up my game and let me tell ya... it's pretty fun!  Now grant it, I am not snapping every minute of my day like some gals are doing but I at least feel good I am remembering to snap at all!  Do you snapchat? follow me here >> lisa.murie  






Blush Moto Jacket (Sold out) Identical in other color  //  Sandrine Leopard Bag  //  Pink Pumps (Similar)  //  Gem Phone Case  //  Sunnies  //  Lipstick  //  Lips Scarf (Option one, Two) //  Bracelets c/o  //  Watch   //  Graphic Tee  //  Earrings c/o

5 Tips from a seasoned blogger

January 26, 2016

This month marked my 4-year anniversary as a fashion blogger.  I use the word fashion loosely as I remember not wanting to be in front of the camera for the longest time.    I can remember reading tons  of blogs late at night on my computer. The inspiration I got from reading and following so many wonderful blogs ignited a fire in me to want to do just the same. Create and inspire.  Funny thing is, the blogs I am talking about I no longer read.  They were pivotal in inspiring me, but when I truly got into what I wanted my blog to look like it was far different from how they blogged.  Better know as finding my own voice.

Right out of the gate I declared I was not the least bit interested in standing in front of the camera and sharing what I had on.  Nope.. no way... it wasn't happening.  Then somewhere along the way you meet a great group of other local bloggers and they are all taking photos for each other and next thing you know BAM... you are smack dab in front of the camera.   I was hesitant, scared, and unsure I would even share them at first. I started out quite simple with  only a few pictures of what I was wearing. But when the numbers started to grow, it was an intoxicating feeling and I loved that you all loved it as well.

I don't believe there is just one correct formula to becoming "successful" as a blogger.  There are however a few lessons I have learned over the course of my time here at my little corner of the Internet that has helped make my brand the best it can be.

Don't give Up -  I know that seems ridiculous to start with giving up as the first lesson but trust me... you will want to give up.  You will become frustrated and feel defeated many times. Remember why you started blogging in the first place and continue to feed your passion.   Don't fall into the trap of keeping up either which takes me to the next lesson.

Just Be You - Staying true to yourself is what makes your blog unique.  You want to stand out not blend in.  If you are always trying to keep up with others and thinking their grass is greener, stop it!  Let your personality shine.  If you're goofy let it show, and occasionally be a bit vulnerable with yourself you will garner a more genuine readership and it will all be because you were authentic.  Discuss what you love and know and It will keep them coming back. 

It's Time to Engage - (Bonus points if you know the movie that line is from)  One of the most important lessons and forms of mutual relationships is communication.  Answer questions, leave genuine comments on others post and pictures.  Let your readers know you are really out there and care about their thoughts and comments.

Inspiration and Motivation -  Have you ever sat down to write a post and come up empty?  I have.  It sucks.  Hitting a creative roadblock and coming up with original content can be difficult sometimes.  Stay fresh and pleasing to your readers is what keep them coming back.  Research a topic, or browse pinterest or magazines for inspiration for what you want to share.  Just remember... be original it pays off.

Tools of the Trade - Investing in the proper gear will help you take your blog serious.  Now I am not saying go out and spend a fortune on a bunch of equipment,  but do think about your composition and quality of pictures. Quality of quantity.   Fine tune what you do have to work with and as you can afford it purchase a good camera, editing software, a background and anything else you need for your type of blogging. 

Do you have any tips to share? Leave them in the comments. 

Cozy Cardigan

January 25, 2016
Happy Monday!  While the East coast is being slammed with terrible winter weather I feel it would be ridiculous to complain about how cold it was last week.  The snow has pretty much melted away and we expect above freezing temperatures this week.  Yay!!  This cozy sweater is  perfect in so many ways.  It is a thick heavy cotton with a drape front.  The back is long.... really long for a cardigan.  When you don't want to wear a coat this is perfect for those days you are in and out of your car and stores and don't want to lug a coat.  You can expect to see this in heavy rotation.  If you follow me on snapchat .... follow along to see what The Blog Guild is up to and for behind the scenes shenanigans; my snap name is >>(lisa.murie) you probably have already seen me wearing this a lot! 

Cardigan  //  Tunic  // Leggings  //  Boots  //  Scarf  //  Lipstick

Graphic Tee ~ Boy Mom

January 21, 2016
The girls gave me this graphic tee for Christmas.  It's a perfect description for me. I'm a mom to all boys.... and all three of my grand kids are boys.   Bonus points to the girls; green is a great color for me.  It's a complimentary color for blonde's.  I wanted to keep the graphic tee as the focal point of my outfit but at the same time needed a few layers for these colder temps.  

Style tip ~ when you wear a close fitting tee or top layer it with a button down to add a splash of color and dress it up while still being comfortable. 

I picked up this gingham shirt in the men's department a few years back and it has been such a staple piece.  Versatile to wear on its own, or layer it over a tee as I did in these pics, or under a sweater like I shared here.  I like that it is a larger check although I own several of the smaller gingham too.  I added another element of layers with the v neck tied around my waist.  It can be worn over the gingham as well.  Keeping your closet cleaned up of anything you no longer use really does allow you to see what you do have and how it works together.  This cashmere sweater was pretty much forgotten in my closet.  My Clare V. Sandrine bag is a favorite for sure, but with wintry weather I want to make sure to keep it dry.  Remember... Leopard is a neutral. 








Sandrine Leopard Bag  //  Converse  //  Jeans  (These favorites are on major sale)  //  Graphic Tee  //  Blue V neck Sweater  //  Gingham shirt  // Lipstick  //   Bracelets c/o  //  Silver bracelet (Own Collection)  //  Necklace c/o 

Wednesday Wants

January 20, 2016
This weeks edition of Wednesday wants is about as pretty as you could want.  We had weather move in yesterday afternoon (and by weather I mean freezing rain and ice) and dreaming of soft spring blush colors is a definite mood lifter.  This blush turtleneck you could wear now all cozy with a scarf for the colder temperatures  and would carry you right into spring.  Okay, these blush wedges... with the tassels, and the beaded strap.... gorgeous!  Target's new line is so fresh and inviting, not to mention flying off the shelves as usual.  I was lucky and able to picked up this faux Mongolian fur pillow at my Target and it was the last one they had.  It is still available online and you should seriously get it.  I have a genuine Mongolian fur pillow in my office you can see here, and the quality of this faux blush Mongolian fur is so close to real it's difficult to tell it's faux.  The final favorite this week is this blush skirt.  It resembles a skater skirt but lays softly against you instead of flaring out like most skater skirts. Adorable!  

Wedge Tassel Shoes  //  Pink faux Mongolian Fur  //   Oversized Turtleneck  //  Drop Waist Skirt 

Valentines Gift Boxes

January 19, 2016
Gift boxes have been around a long time.  I don't know about you but I generally think of gift boxes as a corporate gift.  Well welcome to the new gift boxes.  These gorgeous gift boxes with hand selected items makes the perfect gift.  I don't know about you but I would love to receive any of these.   Valentines Day is right around the corner and this year why not send a gift box?  It is such a unique gift and with so many options to choose from you're bound to find the perfect box.  Below are a few of my favorites.  A few companies offer fresh flowers when delivered local, and others offer free shipping.  What ever gift line you choose from below you will most assuredly be pleased with your gift; not to mention the recipient.  How cute is the bkr bottle in Velvet Crates box?  Check out the other boxes each of these companies offers.  It really is a one stop gift.... flowers, chocolates, and a little gift all wrapped up pretty. 

The Velvet Crate  //  2  Blue Bonnet Lane  //  3 Valley Brink Road   //  4 Treatsie

Pink Blazer

January 18, 2016
Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  I struggled a bit with the bitter cold, but what really had me down was the fact that I'm pretty sure my MacBook Pro died.  It has the dreaded white screen of death as it is referred to.  I am thankful to have a IMac so I am not totally without a computer.  What I didn't realize was how much I enjoyed the ease of just plopping down and working from anywhere.  Don't get me wrong, I love my desk and my office but sometimes ya just want to be mobile! Who knows, maybe it will be good to shake up my old routine and start this year with a different one.  Change is good, right??   I am going to try the genius bar and hope they tell me it's an easy fix, but if not.... I will be saying goodbye to my old friend and looking for a new one!!  It really is like loosing a friend when you spend so much time with your laptop. ( Insert sad face)  
  When it's 9 degrees outside you are left with only one feasible option for photos...inside photos.  I have been wanting to style a structured blazer and dress it down for some time but hadn't really come up with much outside of a pair of distressed denim.   I decided to try my camo pants and then the outfit really started to come together for me.  A graphic tee was the right choice to complete my look.   For accessories I chose gold accents to go with the writing on my tee.  These Nickel and Suede leather earrings are so light weight and will go with about any outfit.  The rule of leopard as a neutral is working here as well.  
We are expected to receive a bit of snow; they say a couple of inches and the temperatures are not looking too keen either for this week.  It can be difficult to maintain a stylish outfit while staying warm in these temperature so my advice is to dress for the weather on your commute, pack your dress shoes and accessories in a tote and once you arrive at your destination switch into your packed items and you will be set for the day with a cute outfit.




Raspberry Mini Bucket Bag  (This one is great also) //  Lipstick(Snob) //  Blazer  (similar on sale) //  Leopard Pumps  //  Camo pants  //  Cuff c/o  //  Graphic Tee  //  Earrings c/o

How to Navigate within a Blog Post

January 14, 2016
With my new site design and re branding launch I wanted to share a couple of new features here on the blog and wanted to let you know about them!  Here's a look at what's new and what you can expect to find around here.   I have been wanting to share a post like this for some time.  Bloggers take for granted that anyone knows how to navigate around a blog; let alone a post. I am guilty of believing the same thing until enough people who are NOT bloggers asked me something as simple as to where to locate an item I may be wearing in a post or how to sign up to receive the post in their email.  So, today I am breaking down a blog post and hopefully answering all your questions.  What better time to show you around then with my shiny new design too!  
The top pink bar is the navigation bar.  This is where you will be able to return to the home page, learn about me and find out how we could work together.  There is also a link sharing everywhere I have featured on my instagram - both outfits and links.  To the right of the navigation bar are all my social icons.  Click on any icon coordinating with my social media and it will take you right to my instagram, twitter, Pinterest, etc.  The little magnifying glass will open up a search bar for you to search for anything that has been on my blog.  For example, type outfit into the search bar and every post I have labeled with this will show up for you to read. 
Now we move into the body of the post.  There is a pretty little "pin this Gem" (the picture of the peridot), located on each image to help you save something you like to Pinterest.  Here is a helpful bit of information that I am constantly asked about, under each post, whether it's an outfit or a favorites collage, there will be a list of the items listed out like I have shown.  Sometimes it is the actual name of the item, ie: top / Hat / Jeans..... or other times it may be numbers that correspond with the favorites 1 / 2 / 3 etc.  If you click on the item name or number it will take you straight to the item in the picture.  Makes it pretty easy for you to find what I have shared, right? If the exact item is no longer available, I will try my best to link to a similar item and mention that in the description for you so you will know it is not exact.  
Under each post will be a bar giving you the option to read the previous story or the next post if this is not the newest post.  There will also be a "You might also like" with images of posts that are similar to the current post you are reading.  Click on one and catch up on some fun styles or ideas!  
 Now let's move down the right sidebar.  Remember earlier when I mentioned the sign up to receive posts straight to your email?  Well, type your email address in this box and hit submit.  You will receive an email verification.  Once you do, you will need to follow the instructions to make sure you're not a robot and shazam.... a new post arrives via email every time I post.   Maybe you saw something on my instagram and you want to know where to find it, click on my "shop the feed" and it will direct you to my LiketoKnowIt page.  

One of the newest features is pretty awesome - the new commenting form.  So many times I received emails with comments because the old format didn't offer you good enough options to comment on the post itself.  Good news is there are several options to log into the commenting form without having to jump through any hoops and you may now leave me all your comments right here!  I can't wait to read what "nice" things you have to share and any questions you may have.  I am looking forward to helping you as much as I possibly can with your questions and comments.  
I hope this has been as helpful as possible.   I really tried to think of anything I wanted to know four years ago when I started reading blogs. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. ;)   

Wednesday Wants

January 13, 2016
Happy Wednesday!  I mentioned in yesterday's post two staple items I was missing so naturally they are on this weeks wants list!  I have been a fan of Two Penny Blue for some time and admire the traditional cute of their blazers.  This navy blazer would be so versatile. It's also available in several other colors and styles.   I'm on the hunt now for the perfect (for me) nude pump.  There is no shortage of nude pumps to chose from so it may take a while to finally find what works for me.  This is a great start however.  The perfect white button down is important.  I admit, I am lacking this item but love this shirt.   If you have been following me for a while you know I have a love for a great bag.  One of the first things I look at besides quality is its unique factor.  This bag hits the mark.  I love the design and attention to detail.  The entire line reflects such a simply luxury and at an obtainable price point, you could own several.

Classic Blue Blazer  //  Nude Pumps  //  White Button down  //  Von Holzhausen Bag

New Year New You

January 12, 2016

Wouldn't it be great if the midnight ball drop really did hold the power to reset our internal button?  That this button would be all it takes to inspire us to commit to change in the coming year? Even the new year's resolution naysayers have to admit, the dawn of a new year brings hope.  Always keep in mind that whatever time of day, whatever time of year. . .you own the power to change your thinking and make minor adjustments to create the best you.  If you have decided to make the commitment to a new you in 2016 you will have already gotten the ball rolling. Regardless of what the upcoming year has in store for you, your style is and always will be a reflection of you.  It's time to take control of your wardrobe.  It's time for a call to action.

Tackle the Closet
Clean out and reorganize your closet and start the new year with a fresh perspective! I am just as guilty of this as the next woman, but when I finally do clean out my closet, I find a handful of "new" outfits that are just as exciting as purchasing something new. I like to color coordinate my closet from lightest to darkest, moving left to right.  Sometimes it's as simple as rearranging hangers; suddenly two items end up next to each other and it's magic.  You may have never thought to pair them together until you visually see them side by side, then voila! New outfit!

Standing and staring in your closet with the feeling of nothing to wear is pitiful.  We have all been there too many times.  The truth is, you have plenty to wear you just can't see it through all the clutter hanging there.  The only logical thing to do is go shopping.  But logic is not your friend right now. . .sensibility and brutal honesty are.  Why sensibility you ask?  Because shopping when you have not a clue as to what you need, let alone what you really want, is a bad idea.  I will give you an example....out of everything I own in my closet and the tons of shoes I have, I cannot for the life of me understand why I don't own a crisp white button down or a pair of nude pumps.  Those are classic staples that every girl should own and now I know what I need to shop for.  Making honest purchases rather than impulse purchases is also important in maintaining both your budget and your closet space.  That's valuable real estate in my closet and I don't want to waste it on insignificant items.  Make 2016 the year your finds are selective and with purpose - this prevents you from overbuying as well!

Your closet is bursting with clothes and you just need to find them.  The fact is you probably need less clothes, rather than more.  Take notes while you clean out your closet of the items you are missing and when you are ready to hit the stores it will be that much easier.  You can read what staple items you need here.  For investment items you can read that list here.  Don't forget your undergarments need freshening up too.  Just because no one sees you in them doesn't mean you don't deserve to have pretty skivvies!  It really does make you feel good about yourself when your under clothes are as pretty as your outer clothes. 

Dream Items 
 Is there something you have been lusting over?  Dreaming of?  Maybe it's the Cartier Love bracelet, or your first pair of Louboutin.  I am seriously considering this bag.  What ever is on your list make a plan and stick to it.  Start a creative savings plan to make it yours in 2016.  Divide the cost into however many payments you can comfortably save each month and start saving!  It may take you all year to save for it but it is, after all, an investment piece you will cherish for a lifetime.  I shared a great savings plan here for 52 weeks. I think I am going to do it again this year too. 

Navy Windowpane

January 11, 2016
It seems like ages since I have shared an outfit.  Not like any one's been busy with holidays or anything right?  I didn't realize until I got to the office that I actually looked a lot like a gender reveal cake.  Blending blush pink and soft blue highlighted with a little white.  Then Erin asked if it was intention that I combined the pantone 2016 colors  Rose Quartz and Serenity.  Nope not my plan at all!  I would have rather had a crisp white button down to go with these windowpane pants but the next best thing in my closet was white collar and cuffs.  I purchased this moto jacket in early fall and shared it with you here, but have only worn it less than a handful of times.  Do you ever purchase something and love it so much you hate to wear it and chance it looking old?  I am guilt of that sometimes and this jacket was one of my items.  After wearing it however with this outfit I won't be holding it back any longer.  It's comfy, the right amount of blush pink and very trendy.  I am scheming this jacket with all sorts of pants coming to you in outfit post as soon as the weather cooperates.   






Windowpane Slacks  //  Jem Skull Slippers  // Sunnies  //  Cuyana Tote  //  Blush Moto Jacket (on Sale)  // Bracelets  //  Lipstick  //  Earrrings c/o 

Wednesday Wants

January 06, 2016
Happy Wednesday.  This weeks roundup is about style.  This boyfriend blazer adds just the right among of structure but not fitted.  Love it.  The Dior sunnies in their sleek silver and pale pink is a show stopper.  I am glad pink drivers are back in stock with M Gemi and these croc embossed are a must for me.  I mean a girl can never have too many pairs of pink shoes right?  This bedroom bench is adorable.  The center leg adds extra support and the tufting and trim?  nice!  It's on major sale right now and depending on the color you choose it is even a bigger sale!  Bringing up the rear is by no means a slouch... unless of course you are referring to the structure.  This slouchy trench would be perfect on those rainy days when all you want to do is get from your car to the building without looking like a stuffed sausage in a buttoned up coat.  Rainy season will be here before you know it and  you will be happy to have your new trench ready to go.  Can't wait to see what next weeks favorite are. 

1  Boyfriend Blazer   //  2 Dior Sunnies  //  3 Felize Drivers  //  4  Bedroom Bench  // 5 Trench Coat

10 makeup rules for woman over 40

January 05, 2016
Makeup can be tricky when you are young and then with practice, you hopefully become pretty good at it.  Then life happened and gravity happens and next thing you know what you thought was still working for you beauty wise was actually adding age to your face. 

The way you apply your makeup in your 20's and the rules you use to make your face appear fresh and rested and creating a more radiant look, cannot be the same as the ones you use when you reach 40 or even 50+. Each age has its particularities and by adapting according you will accentuate your beauty rather than add age to your face. 

Following a few basic and common sense rules you can highlight your beauty.  Remember the cardinal rule..... less is more especially when it comes to makeup.  Your skin looses some elasticity as we age and that creates a bit of sagging and wrinkles but that doesn't mean you can't accentuate your beauty.   Hey I don't create the facts, just sharing them. 


Here are the most common and basic rules or advices for ladies over 40 who want to improve their makeup application process correctly. I'm listing them in order of what I feel is most important to begin changing to improve your routine.  
  • Dark Eyeliner - Don't use it anymore.  Not only will dark liners make your eyes appear smaller, it makes you look tired and aged.  Opt for a chocolate brown if you still want to stay dark without using black. A nice navy or green is a good choice as well. 
  • Under Eye Lining - Only line the top eyelid.  By lining both the top and bottom is closes up the eye and highlights your under eye wrinkles.  You want to brighten your eyes and you will by choosing to not line under the eye.
  • Dark Lipstick - As we age our lips thin naturally.  You may have been the queen of a great dark lip in your 20's or 30's  but all it will do for you know is add a few years and enhance fine lines.  Experiment with what is the best shade for you and try to stay in the softer pinks, peaches or nudes.  These are my favorites here and here
  • Concealer - Check to make sure your under eye concealer is still the correct color choice for your dark circles.  Over time your under eyes will darken so you will want to adjust your concealer to compensate.  Make sure you are using a cream concealer and moisturizing well under your eyes.  Dry under eyes will enhance fine lines.
  • Moisturize - Eye cream is a must.  Don't skip this step in your beauty routine.  I swear by this cream.  

  • Foundations - I started using this Laura Mercier foundation last spring and love it.  It is light and barely there.  Perfect for the days I don't want a lot of fuss; pool days, and running errands, but for the other days when I want to apply a full face of makeup I use this Chanel foundation.  I love how light and smooth it goes on.  Both of these foundations have SPF too. 
  • Natural Blush - When I say glowing I don't mean radiating.  A natural blush color is what you are wanting.  Your blush should be softer and appear more natural rather than applied.  Age increases the red pigments in our face so again play around with colors and avoid reds, browns, and brighter pinks.
  • Eyelashes - If you are using black it's time to switch it up.  Opt for a dark brown and remember, only apply a small amount to your lower eye lashes.  You are going for a barely there look on the lower ones.
  • Eyebrows - Make sure you are working with a good natural shape.  If they are over plucked ( gosh I hope not) let them grow back in.  Fill in any bare or thin spots with a great pencil  a shade or two darker than your hair color. I have tried several brands and found this one works great for me and applies so gently.
  • Wet Lines also called Tight lines - If you have no idea what I am talking about let me explain.  The inner lid of your eyes is called your wet line.  This is the area of your eyelid that actually against your eyes.  You have a upper wet line and a lower wet line.  Adding eye liner to your upper lid will open up your eyes.  Adding a neutral or cream color to your lower wet line will eliminate any red from tired eyes and also opens up your eyes.  A note:  If you wear contacts it may irritate your eyes.  Also it takes practice.  I use this pencil on my lower wet line and love it on days my eyes are looking tired.

    Do you have any tips to share? 

Tips for keeping your clothes looking new

January 04, 2016
Investing in quality items is something I have talked about here and here.  Your style is reflected in what you wear and how you wear it, but style is just as much a part how you take care of your clothes when you aren't wearing them.  There are many things you can do to insure your clothes last longer and stay in the best shape possible by proper care. 

Here are a few of my favorite ways for taking better care of my clothes.  You have heard the saying " Wash, wear, repeat", well that's true in some cases but for some of your items you can skip a wash or two..... I know I said skip a wash!

Cold Water and Delicate Cycle  Wash your clothes in cold water and/or on a delicate cycle.  Cold water not only minimizes shrinking and wrinkles, it is easier on your clothes and better at not fading your colors.  A regular cycle agitates faster breaking down the fibers and in essence adding wear to your clothes just by cleaning them; making them look older quicker.

Hang vs. Heat  This is pretty much a no brainer.  If you can hang your clothes then do it!  Think about your hair and the damage too much heat can do to it.  The same holds true for your clothes.  Heat fades darker clothing items faster so they will loose the rich look if you opt to dry them.


Steam for sure. I live for my steamer.  I own this one and love it.  It is an investment that not only pays for itself, it also helps maintain the value in your clothes.  I can't remember the last time I ironed anything.  Steaming is easier on your clothes and definitely a must for delicates.  I will say however a word to the wise: I have burned my knuckles and fingertips so may times with my steamer so be careful.

Inside Out is always best.  Turn your garments inside out to help keep colors from bleeding and always zip things up, button the buttons, and secure any Velcro pockets to protect the other garments from snags or tears during the wash. 

A little bounce goes along way.  For your items that do make it to the dryer, be sure to add a fabric softener.  Not only does it  make your items smell good it helps with static and pilling.


Folding up.  Knits and cottons are best folded and rayon, acrylics, and linen is best on hangers.  I love these velvet hangers for all my garments that hang. 

Do you have any tips to share with how you keep your clothes looking fresh? 

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