Blush Moto Jacket

September 23, 2015


Well we have made it half way through the week and that means were so much closer to the weekend!!  I have been super excited to share my new moto jacket with you.  With the perfect amount of pink and details it is going to be on full fall rotation!  Speaking of rotation.... these distressed jeans are the best.  I know I said I would not pay good money for a pair of jeans already torn up but a few rips in the knees are okay by me!  I can't do the full on entire ripped sections missing from the jeans but I do like the look on younger gals! 

 Style tip:  When wearing a jacket or top that is cut above your hips be sure to add a high heel and a solid dark on the lower half to give the illusion of more height; because lets be honest.... none of us want to look wider!! 


Blush Moto Jacket ~ Striped Tee (On Sale) ~ Distressed Jeans ~ Shoes ( love these) ~ Clutch (Alternative) ~ Watch ~ Lipstick ~

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  1. I like the looks of this jacket! You look fabulous in it as well!


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