Casual Afternoon

September 01, 2015

In this crazy busy world we live in slowing down can sometimes feel impossible.  I know I am guilty of having a list a mile long and I try to cram it all into my weekend.  When Sunday evening rolls around I am wondering where the time went.  I am going to try really hard in these next few months to slow things down a bit and balance out the busyness in my life with a little relax time.  Do you ever feel like you need a day to recover from your weekend?  I know I do.  So with a three day weekend coming up I will jump right to some down time.... at least one of the days!  Hey, I didn't say it would be a smooth transition for me!  On another note.... do you think I can transition my hat into fall? 

Tee ~ Chambray Shorts ~ Hat c/o ~ Sunnies (Love These ) ~ Converse Watch ~ Nail polish ~ Lipstick ~ Necklace c/o ~ Earrings ~

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