It's all in the Props

September 24, 2015

I want to start this post by explaining a piece of a blogger's life.  When taking outfits pics you want a setting that is cohesive to what you are wearing.  At least I do!  For example:  A pair of stilettos in grass or a field really doesn't give a genuine impression to you really are wearing that outfit. Every time I have stepped off the street or curb onto the grass in even a smaller heel I stop and think about "does this even look natural?"   So finding a location to shoot can some times be an adventure.  That is what brings me to these pictures.  While running errands and shooting pictures one afternoon Erin and myself stumbled upon this studio.  Ummm cool studio I might add!  It was a prop girls dream come true! I instantly knew the pinball machine needed to be my prop.  The lighting flooding in and the shadows playing across the floor was the best. 
Speaking of floors..... these slippers!!  Jem Skull Slippers to be exact.   You may have remembered I have posted about them here.  Loving them from the minute I saw them I knew I wanted a pair.  Now I have a limit to what I will spend on shoes and these exceeded such limit.  I have patiently and oh so quietly followed Mara and Mine just hoping and waiting for the chance to own a pair.  The heavens opened up and a fall sale occurred. I wasted no time making a pair mine!  I have received a few comments from friends as to what the exact draw to these shoes would be and I really don't have one answer.  I have always followed the beat to my own drum and don't necessarily follow trends to the tee.  Different, unique, and well.... just me!  After all that's what you are here to see isn't it?  Style from my perspective.



Super star.... why yes you are!


Madewell Plaid Shirt (On Sale) ~ Distress Jeans ~ Mara and Mine Jem Skull Slippers ~ Belt ~ Ropes Maine bracelet c/o ~ Rustic Cuff Skinny leather wrap bracelet c/o ~ Michele Watch ~YSL Lipstick ~ ABD Necklace c/o ~

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