Holiday Party Time

November 26, 2014
The holiday season has begun.  I attended my first party this past Friday.  It is a grand affair every year and my companies biggest fundraising event.  Me, Gab, and Jen spent the day assisting with the set up of the event.  There were bars to stock, and tables to decorate.  Gift bags to stuff and raffle items to display.   We finished setting up and headed straight to get ready with a visit to Parlor KC to have a blow out and then off to Halls  Chanel counter for a makeover.  It was an extremely long day and we were on our feet for 12 hours straight... but ohhh so fun!  

I started to decorate for Christmas earlier than usual this year.  I never decorate before Thanksgiving, but this year I knew I would come home on Sunday and be rushed to decorate so I put my tree up but will not turn on the lights until the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  My pretty tree sits quietly in the dark just waiting to shine!!!!  The girls and I attended a DIY workshop and will be sharing my finished project next week, but here is a peek at what I am up to!!  I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy quality time with your family.  With all the unrest happening around the world right now we need to remember to be the change we want to see in the world.  Pay something forward this week and hopefully start a chain reaction of kindness.

Tunics Boots & Scarfs

November 19, 2014
I was dying for the weather to turn cool enough to justify pulling out my boots. Well it turned cold alright.  Many days not getting any warmer than 30 and at night dipping into the low teens.   I know come January I will be wishing it was sandal weather again.... we're never happy with the season are we?  Halloween is over and stores already have trees up for Christmas.... ummmm what happen to Thanksgiving... or 2014 for that matter?  

The holiday season seems to be in full swing with party's already and tons of decorating pics filling up my instagram feed.  (not judging in the least)  I think with the earlier than usual cold weather it makes us want to go all Christmas-ee!  Not to mention if you have travel plans and wont be home for the thanksgiving holiday, having your tree up already will just be one step closer to the holiday when you get home. (don't turn on the tree lights at least until thanksgiving eve).  

But seriously...who else is excited it's tunic, boots, and scarf season?  This girl that's who!!

Tunic (similar)~ Leggings ~ Boots ~ Bag (Similar) ~ Necklace ~ Watch ~ Sunnies ~ Earrings ~

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Muchana Scarf Giveaway

November 17, 2014
The perfect combination of fall colors is right here in these two scarfs and you could win them both! 

Handmade in Ecuador and exclusively at Muchana.  Muchana is a Kansas City based Panama Hat company. Working directly with artists in Ecuador  Muchana imports high-quality, luxe accessories all while supporting their craft.

Katie and Kelly who are not only business partner, but also sister who fell in love with Panama hats during one of their trips to Ecuador.  But it didn't stop with panama hats.   They recently added beautiful hand made scarfs and capes.  Artist in Ecuador carefully dye and weave luxe scarfs on a loom.  Made from 50 percent cotton and 50 percent wool they are vibrant, beautiful and so soft.   

Remember this outfit below?  What appears to be one scarf is actually two Muchana scarfs.  I laid them back to back and gave them a little twist around my next to let both the scarfs show.  I love how well they go together.  Today I am teaming up with Muchana and giving away a set of both of these scarfs. 

Enter below using the rafflecopter form to win both of these beautiful scarfs. Good Luck!

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November 14, 2014
T.G.I.F.!! Well the polar vortex has settled over KC and it is frigid.  We are expecting snow Saturday, ugh... I'm not ready for snow.  So the next best thing is to bundle up and suck it up!  These favorites definitely have the warm and cozy look don't you think?  Im thinking I need this sweater for sure, how cute would it look with tights and boots? And that plaid cape... sassy! 

Stripe and leopard scarf

November 12, 2014
Finding a scarf that you love..... good!

Using your ability to research its origin.... great!

Knowing how to sew... PRICELESS!

This scarf came up on my instagram feed a few weeks back and I fell in love with it!  After researching where to purchase it, then to find out that it was pricey, I knew the next step was to make it.  I have said before that knowing how to sew is a fabulous skill.  I shared my idea and the image of the scarf with the girls at the office and of course they wanted me to make them one as well.  What the heck... you can make 4 scarfs as easy as one!  I set out over the weekend to purchase the fabric thinking this would be a cinch.  Well let me tell ya... trying to find striped fabric was a challenge I would not have imagined. After driving to several fabric stores searching for the right stripe,  I stumbled upon finally this striped jersey.  I quickly did a little arm measuring, and calculating in my head and it was just enough fabric.   I also purchased the last of the bolt of the leopard.  The stars were aligned for this project I'll tell ya!  Well... four scarves later and three happy friends I love how it turned out, not to mention the savings!    I made them long enough that it may be worn looped twice or three times around your neck.






Jeans ~ Blouse (similar) ~ Shoes ~ Bag (vintage) ~ Bracelet ~ Earrings ~ The Scarf ~ Watch  ~ Lips

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Black and Camel

November 11, 2014
Happy Veterans day.  There are many Veterans Day parades going on today to honor the service men who have fought for our freedom.  Today I am participating in the Leavenworth parade and  Brrrr is it a cold day today.  Yesterday would have been a better day with warmer temps so to say the least.... we are bundled up in layers! 

 I wore this outfit obviously when the weather was warmer.  Let's talk about color comfort zones.  I have mentioned before what some of my least favorites are... yellow and orange, while some of my best colors are pink and green, and everyone's favorite Black!  Your color comfort zone can make or break an outfit.  If I am wearing pink then chances are its going to be a great outfit.  Now don't think just because I am wearing the color everything is good with the world, no what I mean is that when I wear a color in my comfort zone I carry myself with greater confidence.  Now do you get it?  Try wearing a color out of your comfort zone and see how it makes you feel about yourself.  Not the same is it?  There are a few colors out of my zone that when paired up with something it works.  This scarf is clearly orange... and not my comfort color.  It is however a perfect fall color and paired with this camel sweater and dark jeans or black slacks it works for me.  So try to remember when stepping out of your comfort zone to do it in small accessories and pair it with colors you do feel comfortable in.  This is a winning outfit for a perfect fall day!

Slacks ~ Cardigan ~ Tank ~ Bag (vintage) ~ Shoes ~ Sunnies ~ Scarfs c/o ~ Bracelets

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Blanket Scarf

November 10, 2014
Happy Monday.  How was your weekend?  Mine was spent resting to get over this cold (I think it's gone) and running a few errands. Friday night we went to see the movie St Vincent and we loved it.  Bill Murray's performance was phenomenal.  Saturday I popped into Madewell to support a blogger friend who was hosting a sips and shopping event.    I took advantage of the sale and discount and picked these fab shoes on serious sale! 

Blanket scarfs are still so popular this year and the same plaid seems to keep showing up  on a lot of girls. There is something to be said for not following the crowd... this is a favorite of mine.   Maybe its the pink stripe or the fact that it's so neutral.   One of the benefits to a blanket scarf is they are larger than say a "normal" scarf, and generally they are square so there is more to bundle around you.  The other benefit to it is you can drape it over your shoulders for another look and added warmth.  With so many different plaid scarfs available right now there is sure to be a color combination that suits you.   The weather is scheduled to turn drastically colder tomorrow with a high of 38 and that is perfect blanket scarf weather, not to mention gloves and hats too!  I'm not ready for fall to turn to winter yet are you?  






Jeans ( On sale)  ~ Blouse ~ Scarf (Similar)  ~ Booties (On Sale) ~ Bag ~ Bracelets ~

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Floral and Stripes

November 07, 2014
TGIF friends.  I have been a little MIA this week with a cold.  It came out of no where Tuesday afternoon and has really slowed me down.  Here's hoping to having a weekend with more energy and less headache!  Maybe even a little shopping!  What weekend plans do you have? 

Do you ever purchase something in the store thinking it is black and once you get it home you think it's blue? Or that black actually looks blue?  Well That is what happened with this scarf.  This scarf varies between black and blue depending on what I pair it with.  Today I paired it with black stripes.  I will share where I pair it with blue next week so look for that post to compare!  I picked this scarf up at Forever 21.  I know what you're thinking, what was I doing in there?  My watch needed a new battery and as I waited for it to be replaced I saw this thru the store window.  So of course I was lured in! Don't get me wrong... I don't dislike Forever 21, but I don't shop there based on the age category it caters to that's all. Sometimes it's worth it to browse thru just to see what will grab your attention!






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Plaid Scarfs

November 04, 2014
November arrived with brisk air and the evenings turning darker much earlier.  It's time to bundle up with scarves.  I rounded up my favorite plaids.  Versatile, cozy, and colorful... there is a plaid for every body's style.   So tell me, what is your favorite scarf?  My top picks are # 1, #2  and # 4 .    Later this week I will be sharing one of my plaid scarfs in a fall outfit!  

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 

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