Floral and Stripes

November 07, 2014

TGIF friends.  I have been a little MIA this week with a cold.  It came out of no where Tuesday afternoon and has really slowed me down.  Here's hoping to having a weekend with more energy and less headache!  Maybe even a little shopping!  What weekend plans do you have? 

Do you ever purchase something in the store thinking it is black and once you get it home you think it's blue? Or that black actually looks blue?  Well That is what happened with this scarf.  This scarf varies between black and blue depending on what I pair it with.  Today I paired it with black stripes.  I will share where I pair it with blue next week so look for that post to compare!  I picked this scarf up at Forever 21.  I know what you're thinking, what was I doing in there?  My watch needed a new battery and as I waited for it to be replaced I saw this thru the store window.  So of course I was lured in! Don't get me wrong... I don't dislike Forever 21, but I don't shop there based on the age category it caters to that's all. Sometimes it's worth it to browse thru just to see what will grab your attention!






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  1. Love the floral and stripes combo! Sounds like the best scarf that it can waver between black and blue:) Hope you feel better soon!


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