Blanket Scarf

November 10, 2014

Happy Monday.  How was your weekend?  Mine was spent resting to get over this cold (I think it's gone) and running a few errands. Friday night we went to see the movie St Vincent and we loved it.  Bill Murray's performance was phenomenal.  Saturday I popped into Madewell to support a blogger friend who was hosting a sips and shopping event.    I took advantage of the sale and discount and picked these fab shoes on serious sale! 

Blanket scarfs are still so popular this year and the same plaid seems to keep showing up  on a lot of girls. There is something to be said for not following the crowd... this is a favorite of mine.   Maybe its the pink stripe or the fact that it's so neutral.   One of the benefits to a blanket scarf is they are larger than say a "normal" scarf, and generally they are square so there is more to bundle around you.  The other benefit to it is you can drape it over your shoulders for another look and added warmth.  With so many different plaid scarfs available right now there is sure to be a color combination that suits you.   The weather is scheduled to turn drastically colder tomorrow with a high of 38 and that is perfect blanket scarf weather, not to mention gloves and hats too!  I'm not ready for fall to turn to winter yet are you?  






Jeans ( On sale)  ~ Blouse ~ Scarf (Similar)  ~ Booties (On Sale) ~ Bag ~ Bracelets ~

Shop this post below for these and similar items for this look. 

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