Beach Bound

July 29, 2016
I am officially on vacation and on my way to the beach! If you want to see what we are doing you can follow along on snap lisa.murie for shenanigans that will not be here on the blog or my instagram!  I rounded up a few rather important items every beach lover should take with them.  A good hat to block the sun from your face and top of your head is important.  I am taking two and looking to purchase a third while I am down there!  Not that anyone plans on a sun burn, but being prepared is important if you do burn a little. Doesn't this after sun soothing spray sound perfect?   Of course, what would a beach trip be without a darling swimsuit.  I have packed my new suits and can't wait to enjoy the sun.  After a full day in the sun this Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle soft scented body wash makes you feel so good with your sun kissed skin.  If you have a few places to stop off at before headed in from the beach then this pom pom cover up is the perfect little stand in for a summer sundress.  
One of the most important things I feel in my bag is always a lip moisturizer and a sun block for my lips.  This sugar petal fresh has the prettiest pink for your lips.  Sandals are a must for summer outfits and a cute espadrille that laces up is on point right now.  Drawing up the end of this round up is the hottest trend, off the shoulder.  This off the shoulder top will make you feel great about the little kiss of sun you picked up during the day for a few cocktails and fun times with your friends in the evening.

1  Hat    2  After sun body mist    3  Suit   4  Body Wash   5  Coverup   6  Sugar Tinted lip Treatment  7  Espadrilles   8  Top 

Mixed Patterns - Third Times a Charm

July 27, 2016
Happy Wednesday friends!  This skirt has been a trooper. I shared where I styled it with a white button down, and with a Pink Paisley and blue ombre' look that didn't work the best it could.  So here I am, third times a charm even though the first time was a success, but the second time not so much.  I took the mistakes from the second style and improved them.  I added a v neck striped tee this time rather than a round neck tee that had a longer hem.   I also switched out the wedges in brown for my M Gemi bright pink flat sandals.  This time around I think the outfit is a success.  What do you think about this outfit?  It's really fun to see what you can put together all from within your current wardrobe.

Style Tip:  When mixing patterns remember that the size should be two different scales.  Notice the larger print on the skirt stands out, where the stripes are a nice compliment without competing with the paisley skirt.  I added my Rustic Cuff leather wrap bracelet in leopard for that little pop I always like to have.

Paisley Skirt  //  Stripe Tee  //  Sandals  //  Handbag here, here, and here   //  Lipstick  // Bracelet  //  Sunnies  // 

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Transitioning a Dress

July 25, 2016
Happy Monday.  How was your weekend?  I spent mine preparing and pre packing for my trip this week for Florida. I may be over packing by about a dozen outfits....  A girl needs choices on vacation!   A few weeks back I was shopping for vacation and beach wear and came across this dress.  Finding a great dress for work is not always as easy as it sounds, so when I saw this dress at Saks off 5th I scooped it up.  I love the shape, colors, and mostly the great fit.  The tailored fit of this Tahari dress is slimming even with horizontal stripes.  Transitioning this dress for fall will be easy with a blazer or cardigan layered with it.  When shopping for items to add to your wardrobe  it's important to think of the number of seasons you can utilize it.  This dress with its soft colors, but yet bolder stripes will be a great transition item for spring with a cardigan.  Summer time the dress is perfect as it is, and for fall add a sweater again, or throw on a blazer.  If you really want to add an edge to the dress try an add a jacket with a shorter cut like a moto. Also, for fall add a close toe shoe to complete your look.  How would you style this dress?  Do you agree with my ideas? 

Dress  similar here and here  // Handbag here , here and here  //  Sunnies  //  Necklace  //  Sandals similar  //  Leather wrap bracelet  //  disc bracelet  // Lipstick  

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Summer patterns

July 21, 2016
When you are not looking for anything in particular to purchase is when you are most likely to find something you feel you must have!  This tank was that item.  It is from Madewell last season, maybe even two seasons ago but I still love it.  The back is a solid jersey and paired with these Loft stripe shorts (which are currently on sale) is what makes this outfit work.  If the back was embroidered with the same print I'm afraid it would be too busy of an outfit.  I opted to pair it with a simple bangle since the tank was my main focal point of this outfit.  Every gal should own at least one black bag that is a great transitional item.  Blair Ritchey makes the best bags and I have gotten so much use out of mine.  I love that it has a shoulder strap and the bottom is approximately an inch wide so there is plenty of room for essentials. 

Style Tip:  Even though my tank and bag are black I opted for a lighter tan sandal and my Celine sunglasses to lighten the look.  Orange is a good color that will work with both black or brown accessories.   

Shorts On sale  //  Tank  Similar  //  Sunnies  //  Handbag  //  Sandals  similar  //  Bangle Bracelet c/o  //  Earrings similar  // Lipstick  

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Tassel Pink Sundress

July 20, 2016

If there is one thing you can count on being in my closet, it's the color pink.  I have been searching for the perfect pink dress for this summer and when I saw this tassel pink dress I had to get it.  The price was so right too at under $20!  When it arrived I immediately tried it on and in my attempt to fasten the snaps on the shoulder I realized, hey this could be cute as a one shoulder too!  I tucked the shoulder under on one side in the front and the back and it's adorable.  What do you think?  Would you wear it this way?  You can bet I will be taking this to Florida!  I wanted to share with you the intended style the dress is to be worn so I snapped the shoulder for a few pictures as well.  Either way I love it; and if you are wondering if it felt secure with one shoulder down... it did!

A versatile and adorable dress all and all I would say!  Wait until you see the back I share in the last photo!  Happy Wednesday!

Bringing up the rear.... I couldn't finish sharing this dress without showing you the back.... haha! 

Sun Dress  //  Sandals  //  Earrings  //  Leather Wrap Bracelet  //  Lipstick  //  Handbag  //  Silver Bangles  // 

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Tiffany blue shorts

July 19, 2016
Happy Tuesday!  It's a heat wave in Kansas and that pretty much means you melt Every.  Single.  Time.  you step outside.  I don't mind the heat so much,  but I don't like the humidity.  Today I am sharing my tank I originally shared from my trip to Laguna Beach last summer; this time I paired it with these gorgeous blue shorts.  They remind me of the color of a little blue Tiffanys box.  Speaking of little gift boxes, I have been so wrapped up in the planning of my trip to Palm Beach coming up I haven't mentioned I have a birthday coming up too!  I will be in Florida this year to celebrate and I think it's the first time I haven't been home on my birthday!  I guess that means we will have to have multiple celebrations!!  I am actually hoping we will be snorkeling on my birthday.   Either way, it will be a day of celebrating with sunshine and cocktails! 

Styling tip:  When pairing two blues together, they don't need to match if there is a complimentary color breaking them up.  This outfit has a turquoise necklace paired with these light blue shorts.  The orange, as a complimentary color in my tank pairs well with both colors and acts a a great divider between the two shades.  If you are wanting to experiment with colors you may read my entire post on the color wheel here.  I urge you to step out of your comfort zone a bit and have some fun.  Orange is not a favorite for me, but I do love the two blues together.  

Shorts  //  Similar tank here and here //  Earrings  c/o  // Sunnies  //  Necklace  //  Sandals  //  LV Handbag  similar here //  Lipstick  //  Cuff c/o  // 

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Hot Summer Days

July 15, 2016
A great combo is pink and black, and this outfit did not disappoint.  I have really enjoyed this summer sharing outfits with items that I already owned in my closet. I really have shopped for only a few new items and my fun drop waist gingham dress.  I hope that I inspire you to get inside your closet and really see what perfect outfits you already own.  When I enter my closet to build an outfit, it doesn't always start with the same type of item.  Sometimes I build the outfit from the shoes up, other times I start with a piece of jewelry.  Regardless of where the outfit starts it always ends up being a fun process.  

This outfit began with my pink Celine necklace.  From there I knew I wanted shorts, and well you always have to add a pop of leopard... so the wedges were an easy choice. Most of the time outfits pretty much build themselves.  The hardest part is finding the stepping off point; where to start! I hope you find some time to play around in your closet this weekend to create a few fun, and summery outfits that you might not have thought about putting together otherwise!  Happy Friday! 

Shorts  //  Tank similar here and here  //  Celine Necklace  //  Leather wrap bracelet  //  Sandals  //  Handbag  // Earrings  //  Lipstick  //  Watch  // 

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White Batik Tunic

July 14, 2016
I picked up this cute tunic at Marshalls last week with the intention of using it as a beach cover-up.  It was in the swim section after all. I still will, but first I thought I would share how versatile this batik cover-up is and what a versatile item  it is as a tunic top.  The back is significantly longer for covering your bum at the beach, but as a tunic I did my side tuck and voila'!  It is a thin fabric which makes it a great beach item, and a light summer top.  Per my usual..... I snuck in a pop of leopard with this skinny belt.  It is a great accessory and if you don't have a skinny leopard belt, you need to pick one up.  I have owned these gold sandals for many years and they are one of my summer favorites.  I wish I could find another pair just like them but unfortunately the company no longer makes these. 

I know many time we struggle with mixing metals; gold and silver actually do go together!  I mixed up silver bangles with a silver cuff with gold monogramming, gold sandals and gold earrings and necklace.  Total mixing up and it all worked !  Are you still stuck thinking you can't mix them?  Give it a try. 

I wanted to share that last weeks post Cutoffs and Chucks is the spotlight of the week post with Stylin in St Louis.  I am so grateful and appreciate the kindness of other fashion gals who believe in community over competition.  Thank you.... for following along, and for always being kind. 

Top almost identical   //  Shorts options here and here  //  Sandals options here  //  Belt  // Necklace //  Watch  //  Earrings similar  //  Lipstick  //  Monogram  Rustic Cuff  //  Cord Bracelet  // 

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Summer Halter

July 13, 2016
Summer time means halter tops and tank tops. I am beginning the process of pulling items for my trip to Palm Beach and the Florida Keys in a little over two weeks and this halter will definitely be packed!  Just the fact that I can say I am packing for vacation makes me happy!  I know we will have plenty of fun and sun not to mention a few adult cocktails!  My best friend of 26+ years moved to Palm Beach 4 years ago, and while I  would love to move to Florida too, right now isn't the right time for me.  I need my boys to be a little more stable with their adult legs under them before I move 7 states away!  I know, people say they can visit, and "it's not that far away".... and my favorite is when someone says " well then they will be force to get their legs under themselves".  It's hard enough in the world right now without adding additional stress and worries on my boys at this growing stage in their lives.  Florida isn't sinking, or floating away.  It will be there when I am ready to move.  

I have always loved Florida, mostly the Gulf side.  I grew up going to visit my grandparent who lived in the Gulf Breeze Pensacola area during the summers and visiting the white sands, and clear blue waters has always held a special spot in my heart. I am an ocean girl for sure!  I use to always think I didn't care for California beaches as much until my visit there last year to Laguna.... um let's just say I wold move there!  Hello?!... Thousands steps beach!!!   This week is halfway over.... Happy Wednesday! 

Halter similar here and here  //  Shorts  //  Sandals similar  //  Sunnies  //  Hat c/o  //  LV bag  identical  here, and similar here  //  Earrings c/o  //  Sisco Berluti Beads c/o  //  Leather Rustic Cuff  //  Lipstick  // 

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Tie Dye Maxi

July 10, 2016
Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  I had a productive two days off and that makes for a great start for a full work week... at least I hope so!!  One thing is for sure, the humidity is in full force and if you don't have thick hair then you would notice as much as me.  I have thick... I mean thick hair.  I'm not really complaining; some woman would love to have hair as thick as mine.  It is a blessing, but a problem at times too.  My hair is naturally full of body with a lot of wave and curl.  I straighten the heck out of my hair most days or else I add an actual curl to it to tame the size!  Doesn't that sound funny to say?  Cutting my hair would only make it curlier too.  I will live with the humidity and you will have to laugh your way through the next few outfits with hair the size of a lions mane (dramatic I know)!! 

I have had this maxi for a few years and even summer I love it just as much as the summer before.  I am a sucker for most tie dye as long as it doesn't resemble too much of a Grateful Dead or hippie look!! The neck line plunges a bit so I add a lace bra let to take up a little cleavage.  I love the criss cross back and to add a little leg I tie a knot in the hem off to one side!  Have you ever tie your maxi hem?  You should try it and see if you like it!!  

Maxi dress similar here and here  //  Jean Jacket  //  Madison Cross Body  //  Cuff  //  Earrings  //  Watch  //  Sandals  Similar //  Lipstick  //  

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Summer Casuals

July 07, 2016
One dress, two looks.  One of the best things you can own in your closet are versatile pieces.  Items that you can change a pair of shoes, or add a jacket and take your look up a notch.  This stripe dress is definitely a versatile summer dress.  Paired with a converse sneaker this is a perfect summer casual outfit.  Of course, a hat is a necessary accessory!  You have seen me wear my Nickel and Suede leather earrings many times.  They are so comfortable and lightweight, you really don't realize you have any on.  I tied my chambray shirt around my waist for more of an added touch of color more than a necessary layer.   Tying my chambray shirt  around my waist also serves well to keep you skirt down when the wind picks up!! 

I switched up my outfit with a quick change of shoes and these gladiator sandals dressed it up for an easy evening out with friends or date night.  My chambray shirt tied can now serve as a layer if it becomes chilly out.  What do you have in your wardrobe that you can transition into multiple outfits with minor changes?  

Stripe Dress Options here and here   //  Chambray shirt  //  Converse  //  Hat c/o options   //  Sandals  //  Madison Cross Body  //  Earrings c/o  // Lipstick

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