Summer Halter

July 13, 2016

Summer time means halter tops and tank tops. I am beginning the process of pulling items for my trip to Palm Beach and the Florida Keys in a little over two weeks and this halter will definitely be packed!  Just the fact that I can say I am packing for vacation makes me happy!  I know we will have plenty of fun and sun not to mention a few adult cocktails!  My best friend of 26+ years moved to Palm Beach 4 years ago, and while I  would love to move to Florida too, right now isn't the right time for me.  I need my boys to be a little more stable with their adult legs under them before I move 7 states away!  I know, people say they can visit, and "it's not that far away".... and my favorite is when someone says " well then they will be force to get their legs under themselves".  It's hard enough in the world right now without adding additional stress and worries on my boys at this growing stage in their lives.  Florida isn't sinking, or floating away.  It will be there when I am ready to move.  

I have always loved Florida, mostly the Gulf side.  I grew up going to visit my grandparent who lived in the Gulf Breeze Pensacola area during the summers and visiting the white sands, and clear blue waters has always held a special spot in my heart. I am an ocean girl for sure!  I use to always think I didn't care for California beaches as much until my visit there last year to Laguna.... um let's just say I wold move there!  Hello?!... Thousands steps beach!!!   This week is halfway over.... Happy Wednesday! 

Halter similar here and here  //  Shorts  //  Sandals similar  //  Sunnies  //  Hat c/o  //  LV bag  identical  here, and similar here  //  Earrings c/o  //  Sisco Berluti Beads c/o  //  Leather Rustic Cuff  //  Lipstick  // 

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