Hot Summer Days

July 15, 2016

A great combo is pink and black, and this outfit did not disappoint.  I have really enjoyed this summer sharing outfits with items that I already owned in my closet. I really have shopped for only a few new items and my fun drop waist gingham dress.  I hope that I inspire you to get inside your closet and really see what perfect outfits you already own.  When I enter my closet to build an outfit, it doesn't always start with the same type of item.  Sometimes I build the outfit from the shoes up, other times I start with a piece of jewelry.  Regardless of where the outfit starts it always ends up being a fun process.  

This outfit began with my pink Celine necklace.  From there I knew I wanted shorts, and well you always have to add a pop of leopard... so the wedges were an easy choice. Most of the time outfits pretty much build themselves.  The hardest part is finding the stepping off point; where to start! I hope you find some time to play around in your closet this weekend to create a few fun, and summery outfits that you might not have thought about putting together otherwise!  Happy Friday! 

Shorts  //  Tank similar here and here  //  Celine Necklace  //  Leather wrap bracelet  //  Sandals  //  Handbag  // Earrings  //  Lipstick  //  Watch  // 

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