Pretty Pink Paisley

June 28, 2016

Have you ever put an outfit together in your head and then once you put it on it didn't quite look like you imagined it would?  Well that would be this outfit.  I wasn't going to not share it; instead I decided to tell you what I felt went wrong with it.  
Now grant it,  overall it's a pretty cute look.  I Love the ombre' turquoise with the paisley.  I shared this paisley skirt with you here paired with a crisp white button down.  What I don't care for in this outfit is the length of the top; it was too long and created a break at my widest part.  These wedges are great, but I think a lighter shoe would have been better.  So sharing all the great outfits (at least what I think are great) isn't always fair if I don't share the not so great ones too.  By sharing this I feel it gives you a visual guide to what didn't work and hopefully it will make you better aware when you go to put your outfits together. 

Style tip:  Pair this skirt with a button front top with a shorter hem line.  Tuck in a side of the top to the waistband.  Add a lighter color shoe, even a flat sandal would work well. This wedge will work if you pair the paisley skirt with a bright bold colored top to balance the weights of color.  

Skirt  //  Top  //  Clutch c/o  //  Sunnies  //  Lipstick  //  Watch  //  Sandals (Great options here, and here) // Necklace  

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