Gingham Summer Sun Dress

June 27, 2016

Happy Monday.  I have been excited to share this dress with you.  I scored this summer dress on sale at Loft last week and love it.  I was actually trying on another dress and the sales lady had this dress in her hand to put back when she checked on me in the dressing room.  I immediately asked what size it was and tried it on!  Gingham of course makes it a perfect summer sun dress.  It is available in a few other patterns and even a chambray.  You will definitely  love this dress for all your summer gatherings and festivities! This drop waist summer dress is casual and super comfy for when the heat hits.... and believe me it has hit here in the midwest.  I think it will be a perfect addition for my trip to Florida next month too!

We took these pictures in the middle of the day so it is super bright out.... and hot.  The breeze was the only thing that made it bearable as long as it didn't flip up my hem too high!!  I finally gave in to all the hype an discussion many of you have had regarding dry shampoo.  I picked two cans up over the weekend and actually used it in my hair for these photos.  I really did want to see if it made a difference that was worth it.  So far I would say it's not too bad.  I bought two cans of Batiste; one tropical scent, and one that is formulated for blondes.  When I asked what the difference was she informed me the blonde dry shampoo had a slight tint to it to add a bit of light and shimmer to your hair!  I'll take shimmer!!  I am hoping it will be exactly what I will need on vacation when I don't want to torture my hair every day after being in the sun and heat of Florida.  Stay tune for more updates!! 

Dress  On sale //  Leather wrap bracelets  //  Sunnies  //  Watch  //  Sandals  //  Handbag //  Earrings c/o   //  Lipstick  //  

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