Stripe and leopard scarf

November 12, 2014

Finding a scarf that you love..... good!

Using your ability to research its origin.... great!

Knowing how to sew... PRICELESS!

This scarf came up on my instagram feed a few weeks back and I fell in love with it!  After researching where to purchase it, then to find out that it was pricey, I knew the next step was to make it.  I have said before that knowing how to sew is a fabulous skill.  I shared my idea and the image of the scarf with the girls at the office and of course they wanted me to make them one as well.  What the heck... you can make 4 scarfs as easy as one!  I set out over the weekend to purchase the fabric thinking this would be a cinch.  Well let me tell ya... trying to find striped fabric was a challenge I would not have imagined. After driving to several fabric stores searching for the right stripe,  I stumbled upon finally this striped jersey.  I quickly did a little arm measuring, and calculating in my head and it was just enough fabric.   I also purchased the last of the bolt of the leopard.  The stars were aligned for this project I'll tell ya!  Well... four scarves later and three happy friends I love how it turned out, not to mention the savings!    I made them long enough that it may be worn looped twice or three times around your neck.






Jeans ~ Blouse (similar) ~ Shoes ~ Bag (vintage) ~ Bracelet ~ Earrings ~ The Scarf ~ Watch  ~ Lips

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