52 weeks and a challenge

January 14, 2013

I came across a post on FB the other day my aunt had shared.  It was a money challenge.  Basically what you do is save the amount of money that matches the number of the week in the year.  Pretty simple it seems!  For example,  week one - you save $1, week 2 - $2, and so one. You balance begins to take off at and by the time the middle of the year rolls around and your putting in say $24, 25 or even 26 dollars for the week you are excited to see the savings grow and you have started a nice habit! For example, week 26 you save $26 dollars and your balance would be $351.  Pretty nice huh?

Now I don't think it is completly without flaws, as I think it would be a smidge difficult for some to put away $49, 50, 51, and 52 dollars the last weeks of the year as its holiday season!  But if you follow the chart and faithfully save, you will have $1,378 when the new year rolls around again!  When you stop and think about all the places you could be saving a few bucks thru out the week, or even on a monthly basis, it will be easy.  Maybe for some it is one less trip to starbucks.  For me it is cutting out starbucks pretty much all together.  My boys gave me a Nespresso for christmas so we can enjoy our lattes fresh and hot in my kitchen.  I will be sharing a post about this very soon! 

If starbucks isn't your thing, then maybe its packing a lunch a couple of times a week.  That right there is an easy $7 savings each.  Where ever you have a corner to cut, I promise you will be glad you did a year from now when you are dreaming of all the things your savings can do for you! 

I am up for the challenge and have started savings! I can't wait to watch my weekly bucks take off and grow!  So who wants to join me in this challenge?  Let me know if you start and we will save together! 

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  1. That is a really neat idea! And that adds up to quite a bit of cash at the end of the year :)

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  2. Lisa I am going to do this! An easy way to get going on an extra or new savings fund.
    Yes, I too cut out Starbucks when I really admitted how much I was spending there!

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    1. Eeeekkk! I am so excited you are going to do it too! Thanks Karen.


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