January 29, 2013

If you have spent any amount of time cruising thru pinterest, then I am sure you have seen this precious keepsake for your baby.  I loved it the first time I saw it and knew it was only a matter of time before I would have to make it.  Last year when I went to EL Paso,  my daughter in law and I made a set for each of us.  I can remember when my boys were little, they would always make some sort of a butterfly in preschool and bring them home.   I had a wall in my house that was adorned with all the coffee filter, construction paper, and pipe cleaner fluterbys. My two younger sons always called them flutterbys instead of butterflys. I still have all the flutterbys in a box too!   

So this past weekend, I had to add to my flutterby of my two older grandsons, and make a new one with my youngest grandson.  

Take two precious little set of piggies, add paint in the prettiest colors you imagine, carefully apply the feet to the canvas, (key word there carefully) little feet move fast and unpredictable!!  We only painted one foot at a time, washed it off, then painted the second foot.  Once the paint was dry, I drew a squiggly line up the middle with a little head and some antennas.  If you can at all help it, place the little piggie prints a bit lower on your canvas so the antennas are longer!  (Oh, and the little smudge on the lower corner? that would be his big toe that had a mind of its own!)  I decided to leave it! 

I love it!  So tell me, have you tried anything off of pinterest? Was a it a success? Do you follow me on pinterest?

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