Lulu and Georgia

January 23, 2013

If you have not heard of Lulu and Georgia, you are in for a treat.  It is the most wonderful online shopping experience!  Colorful and unique!  I gathered a few of the items that need to get in my house!  I am in love with these things and any one, or all of them would be a perfect addition to my house.  I just love the colors!  So do yourself a favor and check out Lulu and Georgia right now!  I promise you won't be sorry, and I have to say, I was pleased at how friendly the price point was too!

 I am absolutely in love with this rug.  I know the BF would never let me put it in the house because it's too much pink, but a girl can dream! And lets talk about that striped pillow for a the pops of color!  The round side table is aptly named the champagne table for all the little bubbles, isn't that cute?  My great aunt use to have a starburst mirror that looked very similar to this one, I only wish I had it but my Mom seems to think its long gone! sad!  This pouf would be a perfect impromptu seat for my family room, and a perfect splash of color.  

So see? I can justify just about all of these pieces for the home!  I didn't say it was rational, but only justifiable! hehe! 

Pouf    Highrise Vase   Pure Radiance Pillow   Aurora Mirror   Lamp
Rug   Journal    Barberry pillow   Champagne Side Table

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  1. Those pillows are so gorgeous!! Loving those cute prints.

  2. The striped pillow is so cute! My hubby probably wouldn't allow it either :)

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  3. Lisa oh I love these too. The Pouf and Pillow! Wow! I am dreaming right now!

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