The Absences of Color

May 16, 2012

White.  The abscences of color.  I use to be afraid of it!  Very afraid.  I was a magnet to a spot or a drip or a drop of something.  It didn't matter what it was it would find me.   But as I have gotten older, I have learned to respect white.  It represents clean.  Fresh!  I wear white now and love it.  I look for the perfect white T (as if there is such).  I have white shorts, capris, handbags, and several tanks.  It is in the absences of a color that you see the details.  The texture in the fabric and the lines.  When the eye has no color to process the beauty presents itself in the details.  Do you fear white or love it?   

These rooms are magnificent.  You see so much more when the room is all white don't you agree?   Look at the texture on this sofa and chairs.

This is my favorite room of the group. 

All room images courtesy Decor pad

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