May 29, 2012

I have been admiring totes lately.  Not an ordinary tote. But rather a bag that would substitute as a handbag.  You know for the time you need to carry more than usual. I have a carry on tote for when I travel by plane, and a tote for the beach or pool, but not a tote that I can throw my essentials in and look fashionable.   These are a few that I like.  My favorite of course is the Celine, but thats not going to happen right now.  I am almost convinced on the Louis Vuitton.  Now I just need to pull the trigger!  Do you carry a tote?

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I carry my iPad most days with me. It currently fits nicely in my bag as that was a pre requisite.   I have the RayBan aviators and love them. They were a birthday gift last year from the BF.   He paid a little extra and purchased them with polarized lens and it really makes a difference.  The keychain and small bag are by the Fabulous Blair Ritchey and on my list of wants. These would be perfect in a tote for when you need to grab your essentials out to make a quick purchase and not carry the whole tote inside.   I have the Nikon D5000 ....Love!  The perfect pink lipgloss is a must for the summer months,  and the Kantner bag is another Blair Ritchey favorite!!  

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