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May 30, 2012

My friend Amy sent me a text this past Monday afternoon at 1:25 stating that we were going to start walking in the morning at 6:00am.  We all know what that translated into........ overindulgence after a holiday weekend.  We have all been there.    I was in!  You see we have had several conversations about walking and when we could fit it in to our schedules.  Amy lives just four doors down so it is easy to get together.  We agreed to start in the morning and meet at 6:00am.  yuck.  I did not want to get up any earlier than I have to but it would be great to have it done and out of the way if we walk early.  

I use to run Daily.  I would fit 25 miles in weekly to my schedule.  The difference was I was an evening runner... not a morning exerciser.  I felt pretty good all day yesterday, and even feel pretty good so far today! Exercising in the morning helps you make good choices thru the day.  Our goal is to walk three miles at least 4 days a week. and drink plenty of this.
 There are some many choices of attire to help with moisture wicking, breathable fabric, no chaffing, support, you name it.  I found several pieces that I love at Lululemon I may just have to add to  the workout wardrobe.  Who knew they made skirts to run in?  Love that!!  Wish me luck, and if you see me walking a little funny, I am blaming it on the shin splints that currently are present! 

Photos by Lisa

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  1. One of my goals this summer is to get back on the workout train, which completely derailed during the school year. Maybe I need some cute workout clothes to get me motivated!


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