Framing with Puzzle Pictures

May 17, 2012

Do you ever have a picture that seems to get lost on your wall?  Where a frame just didn't seem to fill the space but you didn't want the picture any larger? 

 I decided to make a frame board for the pictures.  I was going to use 8x10 pictures on the boards so I had boards cut to 16x20. I used a piece of thin plywood form Home Depot and  I sanded the edges and smoothed the board.  
I painted the entire boards white.  Next I measured the board into 5 equal sections and softly marked the side of the boards and across the middle of the board to have a point of reference for the tape careful not to let it show on the top.  Then I taped with Yellow Frog Tape since it was for delicate or freshly painted surfaces from point to point until the whole board was taped.   You can see below the yellow tape where I already started to paint the chevron color.  I used the same Sherwin Williams paint color Versatile Gray that we used to paint the office strips you can see here.  
A little trick to sharp lines is after you have taped your design, paint the edge of the tape with the same paint as the background.  If there is any bleeding of paint color then it is the same as the background and blends in.  Once you have finished remove the tape when it is still damp pulling into the paint.    There you have it!  Beautiful Chevron Boards.   Now for what I used them for.........
 I recently took pictures of my grandsons when I was in Oklahoma that for this little mans birthday.  I had made these before and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  I chose a picture of each of the boys to use and had them blown up to 8x10 in black and white.  You can do color if you would rather.  I bought black core foam board from Hobby Lobby and cut 8x10 sections out of that too.   
I chose a spot in the pictures that would allow for a clean cut line thru the entire picture and cut it.  You ultimately want four independent pieces that fit back together.  Cut the foam board exactly the same.  
I then laid the foam board in a box and sprayed the boards with adhesive.  I matched the picture pieces with the foam pieces carefully placing and sticking them down.  
To adhere the foam picture pieces to the boards I used Scotch Command strips.  They work great for this. And if you ever want to update the pictures or use the boards for another purpose the command strips don't leave a mark and there are no holes.  
And there you have it!  Pretty cute huh?

All photos by Lisa

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  1. Wow, that looks great! And what adorable photos too! I had so much fun on Thursday at Madewell :)


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