Polka Dots and Pink

February 20, 2018

Put a little pink on me and watch me shine!  Gab alway says, my best pics are when I am wearing pink!  I think she is right!   It doesn't hurt that my bag is pink either!  

I love a good polka dot and this shirt does not disappoint.  When I found this soft pink cardigan I knew I would want to pair them together.  To elevate my pattern mixing, these pants are a black on black leopard print.  If you read my post How to Pattern Mix, then you know I am not shy of mixing it up!! Because the pants have a leopard pattern in them I chose a solid black shoe.  Adding a few good items to my closet that I can multipurpose in different seasons is always a good investment.  Have you added any transitional items to your wardrobe lately?  What are some of your favorite items to multipurpose?  

Pants  on sale  //   Pink Rockstud  also lighter pinkalso here in black  //  Polka dot blouse  //  Shoes  //  Lipstick  //

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