My Weekend

April 20, 2015

Hi guys. My weekend was both a little productive and relaxing.   Saturday I had my hair appointment that I almost forgot about.  It is officially spring time so I brightened up my blond and love it.  It rained pretty much all of Saturday which sucks for that being my hair day because of all the added humidity, but It stayed pretty straight believe it or not.  Did a few errands, ended up at Nordstrom (crazy how that happens).  My parents were visiting in town and we took my mom out for dinner to celebrate her birthday from earlier in the week. 

Sunday morning rolled around and while waiting for my coffee I scrolled thru my instagram to see all the "crazy" "selfish" "mad" people rushing the Lilly for Target release.  Oh my gosh! If I ever had a inkling of fomo (fear of missing out)..... it was gone before I ever knew it was there.  There was nothing about that mess that I wanted to partake in.  Now... would I like a pretty pink and green shift dress? Sure!  Do I want to fight someone else for it? No!  I think Target could have handled the release a bit more organized, and even spread it out thru the course of the day with limited amounts released so it could allow more people to actually purchase it for themselves rather than those who turn around and eBay it for the highest amount.  Just my take... that's all! 

I face timed with my youngest grandson who insisted he comes to Mimi's house to play!  Haha.  We did purchase a few new plants and rose bushes for the yard, but with all the rain the ground was too soggy to work in the yard and plant anything.  I also picked up a few peony bushes.  I hope they flourish!  I straightened up around the house preparing for a few new installs we have planned that I will share a little later on with you.  So..... summing it up, my weekend was pretty darn good.  How was your weekend?

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  1. have a grandson? You must also drink from the fountain of youth! xx

    1. Haha..... Actually I have three grandsons Heather. ;)


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