Removing Candle Wax

April 14, 2015


I enjoy having fresh flowers around my home weekly.  I pick up a couple of bunches from Sams generally and divide them up usually between two or three vases.  I have had great luck with them lasting two weeks before I change them out.  There are a few places a large vase or jar is just too big.  I also love candles in my home and the Capri Blue candles from Anthropologie not only smell good... the jars are so pretty.  I decided to clean one of the jars out of the hardened wax to repurpose the jars.  Flowers + repurposed pretty jars = Perfect!!!  I am going to share with you the easiest way I found to clean the hardened wax out of the jars so you have a clean container.  Its only a few easy steps and a couple of pointers of what NOT to do.


Boil enough water to fill your container.  Using hot pads, pour the boiling water carefully into your jar in a safe location on your counter.   Allow the jar to sit for a few hours,   even better... overnight.  When you come back the wax will have cooled and solidified at the top of the water.  The water allows the wax to soften and as the temperature cools the wax begins to harden and float.  If you have a larger piece of remaining wax in your jar, simply cut it in two with a butter knife and remove the pieces. I recommend not removing the wax from the water before it has completely cooled for risk of burning your hands.  After you remove the wax do not pour the water down your drain.  Here is why...    There may be remaining wax in the water and you won't want that clinging in your sink or down your drain. Dispose of the water in your yard.  As far as the wick glued to the bottom of the jar, I have been successful in prying it up, but it may take a little bit of force.  If you have a colored jar like my red one below, to remove the label do not scratch the glass with anything sharp or the color will scratch off.  


Add flowers, makeup brushes, candy, sea shell.... whatever you like and enjoy.

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