To travel so lightly

January 15, 2012

Where would you go...... 

If you could pick up and go anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

The beach? Mountains? Europe?   I always pick the beach.  there is something so serene and peaceful to the endlessness of the water.  To look out and see nothing but distance.  I enjoy everything about the ocean.  The stickiness of the sand and water together,the smell of fresh sea air, and things that churn up in the wave breaks.  The hunt for the perfect shell to take home.  (Yes remember though, if there is something in that shell that dies and you pack it in your suitcase to bring to the midwest..... it will stink!! BAD)  I can start and finish a book in less than two days while on the beach, not to mention the endless amounts of people watching that can take place. I was very fortunate growing up and traveled to many shores. My Grandparents lived in Florida and we enjoyed the white sandy beaches and the warm gulf waters almost every summer.  I will live by the beach someday.  It is on my bucket list.  But for now the midwest, with all its corn fields and farmers will have to do...... That is until graduation 2015!!   

Barefoot Beach

My view

Dolphins swimming in Naples

Sunset at Bonita Beach

Photos By Lisa

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