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October 29, 2013

I am beyond thrilled to be co hosting this weeks Four Favorites with Ashlyn and Kristin.  I have linked up with these girls sharing my four favorites from the beginning, only missing when I have been sick or on vacation this year! When they announced they would be offering co hosting spots I jumped at the chance. I really hope you join the link up this week with your faves, not to mention there is a pretty stinking cute giveaway for everyone that links up too!! So go on, link up, meet a few new blogs, and let me know what your four favorites are! 

 Now these just aren't a couple of girls that I read their blogs and like. They are bloggers that have become friends.  Not in real life (yet), but in skypes and text!! II can't say enough how I am blessed to have met, and made so many wonderful people thru my blog.  But lets talk about my favorites for the week shall we?

I have always loved black and white. Together it is so crisp and to the point.  This ever so sexy Schutz Shoes are begging to be worn with a pair of skinny jeans and a handsome man on your arm!  I happen to have both! A night out with your guy wouldn't be complete without the right clutch.  You know by now I am a huge Blair Ritchey supporter, and love all her designs.  This Lulu Foldover  just has to get in my closet soon!  I lust over it all the time! 

Ok, so I know I have said before snail mail is the way to go.  No really.  I love opening the mail box to an envelope with pretty handwriting on the front, then to find a sweet note inside.  I alway turn it over to see where the stationary is from too.  I think a few snail mail notes to your bestie is a must! This personalized Stationary is a great way to jot a quick note, add a few pictures, and send off to keep in touch.  I really love tangible pictures rather a few computer snaps emailed my way.  I want something I can frame! That's probably why I love stationary too.  It's the thoughtfulness in the writing that makes the biggest impression!

The weather has just started to dip low into the nights here in Kansas and that had me thinking cozy, snugly, and warm with by the fire.  I can so see me in these  Pajamas.  I don't like to sleep in long pj pants, rather shorty's, but these would perfect to lounge in for sure!! If you're gonna lounge, do it in style!!


The Four Favorites link-up is held on Wednesdays and there aren't any rules, but we would really appreciate it if you followed both Ashlyn + Kristin, as well as me and also share the button on your Four Favorites post!
Have fun with it + spread the word!

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  1. I always LOVE each of your favorites. Seriously, your taste is superb! Those jammies.....

    1. So sweet Susan, Thanks dear! I want everything on this four faves!


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