Pattern Mixing

February 17, 2015

For this weeks how to Tuesday I am talking all about mixing things up.  Whether you have a go-to color combination (mine just happens to be pink and anything)... or crushing the Pantone 2015 color Marsala an earthy wine red color, or you simply enjoy sticking to the classics, you can become a Closet Mixologist!  By following some simple color rules you can help yourself create an effortless-looking outfit in no time.

There are three levels to pattern mixing or "Closet Mixology" so you can find your own comfort level by starting off easy and working your way into the next level.    

For the Beginners ~ The easiest way to begin mixing prints is to simply replace your solid colored top with a monochromatic pattern in that same color.

For the Intermediates ~ Once you've replaced your navy top with a navy polka dot top, try mixing two prints with one unifying color.

For the Master Mixers ~ After you've mastered coordinating  two patterns with one color, try adding one more.  The easiest way to add a third pattern is by adding a monochromatic or neutral pattern.  Oftentimes, my "neutral" is leopard.

Here are some examples of how I pattern mix. See how I start simple with a pattern pant, and a smaller pattern on my bag mixed with a analogous color blouse and my wedges act as my neutral. 


Remember these pants from last week I paired with my varsity sweater, well here they are again this time with stripes. 


Below are some examples of my pattern mixing outfits I have shared with you.  


Closet Mixology Rules: (I use the term "rules" loosely.)
#1  Leopard is always a neutral (As well as black, white and gray)

#2  Vary the size and scale of your prints (You DO NOT want two large prints - you will look
       like a hot mess!)
#3  Two patterns is easy, three is perfect, four if you dare but please stop there!

#4  Use a grounding unified color when combining two multi-colored patterns. 
      (Ex: Orange is the dominate color in both prints, then opt for a skinny solid orange belt or a
        solid pump. Match the color, not the pattern.)

#5  These rules don't just apply to your closet.... branch out into your living room or 
      bedroom and have some fun decorating. 

#6  Keep a printout of the color wheel in your closet as a reference.

#7  Most importantly, have fun with your closet!


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