8 Days

March 16, 2015

Hi..... It's me!  I've been missing for days now.  But I really wasn't gone, just down.  Yes down.   Down with pneumonia. You never plan to be sick, or pencil in a week of missing everything... it just happens.  

 Day one I thought "oh great, a cold"..... then day two, the chills and the aches start and I began to think even worse the flu.  By the morning of day three I actually..... yes if you know me you know I contemplated it.... going to work.  But by the time I was out of the shower my fever was back and holding strong.  Off to the doctor I went thinking there is nothing you can do for the flu but wait it out.   Once there it wasn't long before I was having a breathing treatment and in for chest X-rays.  Pneumonia.  I don't have a phone dump of pretty pics of my past week, or pics from the most gorgeous week's worth of weather we have had this year.  But what I do have is a rekindled appreciation for being healthy and enjoying even the smallest of moments and victories.   I have the best friends who snuck to my door and dropped off a care package only to text me a picture of them leaving the scene of the drop to let me know it was there.   They know my love for sweets runs deep! 

I have tons of photos from the weeks prior to becoming sick waiting to be edited, and a few collaborations I am still working on.  Insert excitement!!  So be patient with me this week, I am still low on energy and have a long to do list of catching up and I can only imagine the amount of emails waiting!   Missed you all!  xo 

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  1. Oh no, I hope you're doing better Lisa!! Sending get-well vibes your way!!

  2. That sounds awful. I hope your feeling 100% soon!! :)


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