Los Angeles Murals

August 05, 2015

We spent one afternoon in Los Angeles.  One afternoon was enough.  I was a bit leary of driving up there with fears the 405 would be a parking lot.  We lucked out and had no traffic trouble at all on the trip up or back to Dana Point.  I remember as a young teen traveling with my family to LA on several occasions.  We made the trips to Disneyland, the Rose Bowl, San Juan Capistrano, San Fran... and the list goes on.  My Dad had business on everyone of these trips and both my parents were good about scheduling trips in the summer so we could be gone for weeks at a time exploring.  I remember on one trip to DC we were visiting the Lincoln Memorial and my younger sister and I were horsing around and I think.... (ok I did)  pushed her and she busted her forehead.  The park rangers had to come see about the incident and she received a little bandage and TLC from everyone.  I'm pretty sure I never acknowledged the "actual" push that lead to the fall.... things can be a bit fuzzy when you're a kid, and then again it is my word against hers!!  I digress.....  Back to LA. The point here is I traveled a lot growing up and saw pretty much everything you could imagine.  Every national Park, national monument, all the states except 5 and the state capitals to all the states we visited as well.  What I don't remember was LA being so crowded, dirty, and people driving with no regard for others.  We visited the hollywood walk of stars to find a few stars we had to snap a pic of. 

 My parents were friends (I use the word friends loosely as we weren't like BBQ, backyard, lets get the kids together friends)  more like business friends with Mel Blanc and I met him on several occasions as well as his son who I had a crush on but he was way too old for me at the time. If you don't know who Mel Blanc is, he was the voice of many cartoon characters From Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, Barney Rubble and so many others.    I have several autographed cards from Mel with all his cartoon characters drawn on the cards with him and even a letter he wrote to my Dad dated 1970 with a large Bugs Bunny watermark across the letter. 

Of course I had to make a detour to stop at Bottega Louie for a box of macarons......

 After the usual tourist sightseeing and Hollywood sign pic we headed to Beverly Hills.  I knew LA had tons of colorful murals and wanted to stop and snap my outfit pics with one.  We came across this wall and I knew it was the perfect compliment to what I was wearing.   I'm pretty sure we parked illegally and jumped out to snap these pics.  Once we were done and we continued to make our way to Beverly Hills then on to Santa Monica to see my Niece.  We passed so many other fabulous murals; I wished I could have taken pics with them all. 

Shorts ~ Tank  ~ Sandals ~ Watch  ~ Hat c/o ~ Earrings c/o ~ Clutch ( on sale)  ~ Sunnies  ~Bracelets  

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