How to Wear a Plaid Poncho

October 16, 2015

I totally loved this cape when I tried it on in Nordstrom.  There are so many to choose from and it seems like you can find one just about anywhere because they are so popular this season.  Do a little shopping around and I know you can pick one or even two up for under $30 each. It will just depend on the color and pattern you are drawn to.  I liked the neutrality to this pattern so I can throw any color on with it all season long!  I have to admit.... as I strolled into the street for the pictures I had a hard time not feeling like an extra in the movie Outlaw Josie Wales..... boots, cape, hat, all I was missing was my gun strapped to my thigh.  I'm pretty sure they didn't wear hot pink and dangly earrings back then either; but I could definitely be a supporting role in an updated version of the movie don't you think?! HA!
In all seriousness though, you should pick yourself up a cape this season as a great accessory for a little price.  And while you are at it.... grab a new floppy hat if you haven't already.  I cannot wear mine enough, I love it! I am thinking about getting a tan hat too!  What do you think of this look? Would you wear a cape?  My besties mom always wore capes; much longer and actually more like a square with a hole cut in the middle for her head  and we always associated them as being frumpy.... I am not thinking this is a frumpy look!





Distress jeans ~ Plaid Wrap ~ Boots ~ Leggings ~ Hat ~ Sunnies ~ Lipstick ~ Portofino Top (Buy one get one 50% off) ~ Earrings ~

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