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February 11, 2016

I love to mix and match items in my own wardrobe without having to always purchase something new every time I want to freshen up an outfit.  One of my favorite sweaters and versatile too, is this leopard one.  It literally goes with everything.  A pattern mixer like I am, I decided to try it with plaid.  Remember the style rule I shared last week. When mixing prints be sure one is a smaller scale print.  In this case my leopard sweater has the smaller print.  I was going for a casual look without a lot of fuss.  I tossed my hair into a pony tail and added my M Gemi black flats with a hint of leopard to keep it simple. 
My darling cross body bag is by a local designer Ami Beck of Dolyn Bags.  I first heard of Dolyn Bags at Kansas City Fashion week a few years ago.  I had the pleasure of meeting her last fall at KCFW and was able to see and enjoy her bags first hand.  Ami designs and makes each bag by hand taking care to see to each detail and stitch so your bag is perfect.  I know, because when I was visiting her studio she had a gorgeous bag on a shelf I commented on and she explained it was not stitched to her satisfaction.  Ummm.... it looked pretty darn good to me!  A sign she is that picky can only guarantee a perfect bag every time.  This cross body is the perfect size to carry your essentials holding your phone, lipstick, ID, sunglasses, and it is a stadium approved size!  This  gorgeous rich brown leather color is new to her line and I was one of the first to see it and carry it, and the blue zipper is a great detail.  She makes a great hobo but don't take my word for it, take a peek at all her designs on her website.

Poncho(Similar option)  //  Sweater  //  Jeans(On Major Sale)  //  Shoes  //  Cross body bag  //  Sunnies  //  Cuff c/o //  Lipstick 

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