Jill Brodeur Custom Bags

April 12, 2016

I first notice Jill Brodeur's designs by accident.  I honestly can't remember what I was searching for on Etsy when her designs showed up.  It was love at first sight.  Not only was I drawn by her use of vibrant colors, but I loved her technique for adding the perfect monogram!  Is there really such thing as a perfect monogram?  Wouldn't all monograms be perfect?  Ha! I am introducing you to Jill Brodeur today and know you will love her designs as much as I do.  Featured on Etsy's Blog back in December which you can read the entire post here, she was featured for her designs which were recognized for the craftsmanship and quality she brings to each bag or item she creates by hand. 

Inspired by her surroundings, Jill has always been a creative person.  Experimenting with a variety of mediums she was always open to learn.  With her first taste of design school as a fine arts major and an intense course in accessories, she knew she had found her love.  Switching up her major she was well on her way to creating her own style and design. To Jill, one of her most important pieces of inspiration comes from the leather itself.  From the texture to the color of the leather, she begins there for the initial inspiration and test it out.  Each item is made by hand and she takes great pride in her work.  As Jill states: "her hands and her heart touch every part of the process."

I love my custom monogram bag Jill sent me and the vibrant fuchsia is so fun.  Lined in silk, it is the perfect size for your evening essentials for a night out or a quick day tip of errands.  

Starting her line with just the monogram clutch, she soon found out her technique was perfect for other designs as well.  Adding several other designs to her line she continues to grow and add new items frequently.  Her dream of creating a more personalized accessory was coming true. 
 This pink and gold trinket tray is perfect for my desktop and it's available in other colors too.  

Mother's Day is coming soon and if you are looking for a perfect gift that will be sure to make an impression you should check out Jill Brodeur and even pick yourself up a little something too.  I already have my eye on her gold clutch and large bright pink leather clutch. 

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