Gingham Tunic

May 24, 2016

Tunics are trending again this season and with good reason.  they are comfy, versatile, and well ...just plain cute!  The one downfall I sometimes find with tunics is they are sometimes too roomy.  Yes... too roomy.  It's always something right?  As I have mentioned in the past  when you allow ample room for your chest in button shirts that extra allowance also tends to be all over.  Finding a shirt with buttons can be challenging.  Lucky for me this particular tunic has a slight gathering at the back yolk allowing me just enough extra material to take a seam down the back.  There is probably a good two inches I can do away with in the back of this tunic, but I needed the extra allowance for the button front!  Sounds like an ordeal right?  Having the ability to sew is on my side again!  Oh, and seriously you should go grab one of these gingham tunics.... it is on sale too!
Style Tip:  For a more tailored look with your tunic opt for a skinny belt to cinch in your waist. 

Gingham Tunic  //   White shorts  //  Converse  //  Sunnies  //  Necklace  //  Leopard Bag  //  Bracelet  //  Watch   // Lipstick  //  Earrings  //

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