Vacationing in Key West

August 18, 2016

While I have several other outfits to share with you from my trip to Key West and Palm Beach, I want to share with you today a little of the trip itself.  As I have mentioned before, Gayle and I have been best friends for over 26 years.  We were married within a few months of each other, we were pregnant with our second child within 4 months of each other, and well believe it or not, got divorced within a year of each other.  So when we talk about what we have been through the other can truly relate!  Through the years there have been many girl friends of ours that have wanted to capture the essence of our friendship. Weather it was with one of us, or their own friend, we couldn't duplicate it for them.  A treasured friend who knows you is something everyone should have. 

We have taken many girls trips over the years.  There were road trips to Dallas a few times and Atlanta, and then we took other trips to Las Vegas and Acapulco, not to mention the numerous times we traveled to Mexico City and Taxco. When we first started talking about me coming to visit Palm Beach a road trip was almost immediately in the plans. Both of us beach lovers.... it only seemed right to go south to Key West.  We weren't settling on Key Largo or Islamorada either.  We wanted the full trip down to the southern most point!  It was only a four hour drive too!  I flew in and we spent the first two days in Palm Beach.  Early Monday Morning we headed out on our road trip!  If you follow me on snap chat then you saw what a trip it was too!!  The one constant in our relationship is laughter; there is never a shortage of it.   We enjoyed the scenic drive across all the causeways and bridges and arrived in Key West before noon. We had no reservations and only a plan.  Typical us! 

A little travel tip:  If you show up in a resort location and walk in for a room the chances of scoring a great bargain is almost guaranteed. Here's the thing, you walk in and ask for a room and they check availability.  Once they tell you there is a room you can begin to deal with them.  The room would have been empty without you as a walk in so to book with you is better than it remaining empty!  We ended up with a full ocean view room in a mini suite with a wrap around balcony for less than half price!  Not a bad deal at all!  We even had our resort fees and parking waived and  complimentary beverages pool side for our stay! I will share the resort we chose in another post. 

 We spent three days and two nights in Key West and it was wonderful.  We enjoyed Duval Street in the morning for a stroll and breakfast, the pool in the afternoon, and then back down Duval street for dinner and people watching!  It's a great place to people watch! 

 For sunsets it doesn't get any better.  You get to watch the sun rise over the  ocean horizon and then it set in the evening dipping into the ocean again.

 People line up about 45 minutes prior to sunset to watch this beautiful display and you can see why. There is something magical to watching the sun set into the ocean. 

Tomorrow I am sharing another favorite vacation dress!  

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