Stripes and Chambray

September 22, 2016

It's a crazy time of the year for me.  I have been neglectful in posting and I am sorry.  Work is keeping me so busy with deadlines, and I have so many other things in the works that by the time I get home I am a zombie and want to just relax.  I hope I am finally on the upswing and back to regularly posting.  For a long time (like the first two years) I posted every week day.  Then I slowly toggled between 4 and 5 days.  I am thinking with my current schedule I may set a routine and post Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  If I post on Mondays and Fridays it will be a bonus!!  I want you to know you can count on fresh content and when I post.  I truly appreciate all of you for following and reading.  I love blogging and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.  Life is just happening (In a good way) and I needed to let you know what to expect from me!  So on to the outfit today.

This is a versatile skirt I picked up a while back from Ann Taylor.  I love the stretch in the fabric and it really has been a great piece.  If you don't own a stripe skirt, you need to.  Seriously, what doesn't go with a stripe? I paired it with my Talbots Chambray top; another versatile must have item.  I know you have seen me wear these Ashley Pittman earrings all summer.  I love them.  They are light weight and go with literally everything. The teardrop shape and cutouts makes them so versatile to dress up or down.   When I was in Florida earlier this summer, Gayle and I stopped into a bead shop in Key West and picked up a bunch of natural stone strands.  We have had so much fun making bracelets and adding a fresh stack to our outfits.  We have made over 25 different bracelets in a variety of colors in natural gemstones.  Have you ever tried beading or jewelry making?  

Stripe skirt options here, here, and here  //  Chambray shirt  //  Bead Bracelets personal collection  ( similar ) // Sandals (Similar) //  Ashley Pittman necklace c/o  //  Ashley Pittman pendant c/o  //  Ashley Pittman Earrings c/o  //  Bag  // 

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