The Barrel Chair

April 04, 2012

This chair belonged to my Grandmother.  It is called a barrel chair.  I love this chair but it is ugly.  Pea green, baby poo green, sage green.  Call it what ever green you want.  It is in wonderful condition but not so pretty.  So here is where I am stuck in the process.  Do I have it re upholstered  in one fabric? Or maybe two fabrics? A solid and a pattern?  My original thought would be in a oatmeal linen.  Nail head trim stay or go? Paint the wood?  I have seen some wonderful designs where they have re upholstered the back and sometimes the cushion in a bold print!!   Dilemmas, dilemmas.  I would love to hear your ideas on the chair. Maybe you see it in a different fabric all together!   Its time to go green! And I mean go, as in buh bye!!  

Photos by Lisa 

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