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April 11, 2012

I have been working on a section of the family room I recently painted and revealed here that will become my office space.  My office was in the lower level of the house. Ok, Basement!  In the midwest we have basements. Not in Oklahoma where I grew up, but In Kansas for sure!  The lighting was bad and I didn't feel that it had good mojo!  The BF suggested after we paint the family room we convert it to my office.  That was a great idea except that I loved having two seperate living spaces.  Compromise = shared space.  I will take half the room for my office and the other half will seat two oversized chairs and a table instead of a sofa.  We have set out on the search for the seating.  So far Pottery Barn slipcover chairs are in the lead, but with a delivery date of late June!! Ugh...... I purchased my new desk from Crate and Barrel and it is being delivered next week along with a few new accessories for the space I am excited to share a little later. 

 So here is a DIY design board that took less than half a day to complete.  The cork board was another Hobby Lobby (40%) off item.  The fabric matches a roman shade I had made for the patio door, and I used spray adhesive.  I searched what seems the city over for silver thumb tacks to no avail.  I found these decorative tacks at Michaels on sale and like them better.  Originally I was going to outline the whole cork board, but my thumb and OCD to straight lines got the best of me.  I like the showcase in the corners!!! I ombre' painted my initial (because you can never have your initial on enough items)  and will be fastening it to the board as well.   To complete the board I sprayed the cork board with the adhesive, layed the fabric on and smoothed it down.  Once dry I flipped the board over and glued the back edges down.  I cut the fabric approximately 2 inches larger to wrap over the edges.  Then I measured and marked my corners and pushed in the pins.  The letter was also a Michael's purchase and I picked pink (of course) and painted the letter darker as I went down

I am anxious to see it in the new space.  It is slowly coming together. The fabric almost perfectly matched the wall color too!
All photos by Lisa

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